Usage And Functions Of Laminar Flow Cabinet

A laminar flow cabinet is a type of enclosed workbench that is used for making the environment of enclosed medial and electronic or chemical samples free from contamination of the outside environment. There is a HEP filter that is contained in the laminar flow cabinet that prevents any type of minute particles from entering the inside of the cabinet and this allows a complete contamination-free environment inside.

The desktop laminar cabinets are also known by the name of flow clean benches. By structure, they are similar to the biosafety cabinets. These are used to make the flow of the air ambient and provide a linear passage flow inside the cabinet.

What is the end-use of the laminar flow cabinets?

These are used for storing samples in the labs. They can be biochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnical, petroleum intermediaries, healthcare supplement intermediaries, food substances fragrance intermediary compounds, etc.

The main use is to prevent any contamination of the substance kept inside. The HEPA filters prevent any dust, smoke, soot, and other residual substances from entering the cabinet and thus keep the substance inside completely pure.

What are the functions of the laminar airflow cabinet?

First of all, you need to understand that there are two types of laminar airflow cabinets. These are the horizontal airflow hood and the vertical airflow hood.

Functions of the horizontal airflow hood

The airflow in a horizontal airflow hood is kept horizontal to the surface. The air when it comes out of the HEPA filters is projected in a horizontal direction.

More so that flow of air is provided at a constant velocity inside the cabinet. The problem is that these chambers need more space and are often large with more depth and thus it could be difficult to work with them. The more breadth your cabinet is and the more depth it has got the better germ-free environment can be ensured in it.

Vertical airflow hood

The airflow within a vertical laminar flow hood is vertical that is in a top-up direction. The fan and the HEPA filters here are in a vertical direction meaning that the air is taken out vertically upwards from the chamber. The vertical airflow hood is considered to be more scientific in terms of airflow inside and keeping the area in the hood contamination clean.  It also does not need too much space and depth inside.


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