The Right Way to Select Your Lab Equipment Suppliers

Lab equipment is a key factor of any laboratory. It needs to be apt for the experiment run and the used chemicals. So, while purchasing the lab equipment, consider the factors in choosing a perfect lab equipment supplier for the long-term. 

Observe and evaluate the reputation of the supplier.

Each lab equipment supplier has a unique position and reputation in the market. Choose thet supplier after studying them. You do so by knowing the quality of their lab equipment.

Check their website for their complete portfolio. Plus, check the certifications they have enabled with each lab equipment they offer for sale. 

Rest, you can judge their reputation by their online reviews, testimonials, and companies they serve regularly. Besides that, observe the etiquettes and knowledge of each concerned person you talk to from such a supplier. It tells you a different story about the lab equipment supplier’s reputation and rapport with its clients. 

See the type of lab equipment the supplier offers.

Lab equipment like the furniture or the casework can be of different levels or classes. And your lab will be different from others. So, you need to ensure that the lab equipment suppliers meet all your lab equipment requirements effortlessly. 

One way to judge that is by checking the range of lab equipment available on the supplier’s website. From there, you get real-time information on different casework and other lab furniture on sale. 

Check the quality of the product.

Industrial lab furniture must have SEFA grade certificates. Otherwise, some casework also have FSC certification enabled. However, if you are buying wooden casework, a lot of certifications go into proving its right quality.

Such certifications include SEFA-3, SEFA-8, NFPA-30, NFPA-45, ASTM D552, and several ANSI paperwork. So, read carefully about each certification that is important for a different type of material.

Then, check if the supplier received such certifications for the lab equipment on sale or not. If they have, you will know that you are choosing a better supplier for the lab equipment than others in the market. 

Carefully read the features of every casework or furniture.

You must select your long-term suppliers for lab equipment after a careful study. This is related to the features given on the website. From these features, you educate yourself about the materials and products available at the supplier’s shop.

Not every material or furniture must be of your use. If you are using wooden lab furniture, metallic and other ones are not for you. This is just an example. Then, you can also know how many colour variants are available for each piece of lab equipment.

You also know what type of casework you are purchasing. It can be for wall mount, sinks, tall storages, or to be suspended easily anywhere.


Kewaunee is one such lab equipment supplier that possesses all those factors stated above. Check their website today. Read their lab equipment offerings and wide range of choice.


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