You will be marvelled to know how many web sites exist out there. The number is stepping into trillions now. It sounds crazy but what is crazier is that the competition is blowing up as well. Earlier you could publish a site, post some good content on it and with a little advertising you could succeed but today things are different. The whole landscape of content writing in digital marketing has changed now. 

In this article we will talk about a new concept that is related to content marketing. It is called pillar pages or pillar content. 

But what is a pillar content?

Pillar content refers to a comprehensive form of content that is usually based on particular clusters of a topic. In layman’s terms it is basically a bunch of content put together. 

content-is-king-and-queen-long-live-royalty-reputation-today-content-png-461_260And what is a topic cluster?

A topic cluster is a type of technique in which the user focuses on topics instead of some specific keywords. Basically, an emphasis on content rather than a certain word. When using this strategy, you can pick broader content themes for your web site. The content on your web site will evolve around this theme. So this somewhat resembles a niche. 

Now, these topic clusters make sure that your web site is covering a large number of keywords. So ideally it works better than a single keyword. This was not possible previously. Earlier, every content marketer had to write a separate blog post in an attempt to rank higher for a specific search term. Which was what every one was trying to do – get keywords, SEO, more keywords and more SEO. 

But today, these topic clusters have broader themes that can accommodate a lot of topics at once. If you have best seo services in Bangalore with a regularly updated blog page, a pillar page with the theme will instantly boost the rankings of your page. 

What is a pillar page and how does it work?

Essentially, a pillar page is a basic model for the cluster of topic as discussed above. It is an emphasis on content rather than a certain word. It is also referred to as cornerstone content. This is a solid page of your site that works like a pillar.This topic is then divided into chapters that are responsible for covering every aspect of the chosen topic. This is done to increase the rankings and make sure the web page appears at the very top of the page, like SEO. The sub topics are linked to each other on the web site through hyperlinks. These pages have the information in a more detailed format because they are longer and have more space to accommodate larger amounts of data at once. 


How does it work to boost Search Engine Optimisation ?

Pillar pages are in-depth articles that contain a large variety of keywords. When a lot of keywords are put together like this, it becomes easy to rank higher on the web.However, it is not completely dependent on keywords either. Pillar pages need to have a diverse format of content like articles, videos and images. These are more interactive than plain text so readers spend a longer time interacting with this type of content. And the longer they interact with your web site, the better ranking it gets on the search engine page. This simple concept takes things to a whole new level. For example, if you have content writing services in Bangalore, your web site will be covering the aspects of enquiry and buying process. 


Should I create my pillar content before or after?

This is the ideal question to ask. Now when it comes to creating pillar content, focus on what content you already have. If you have enough content to drive traffic from one web page to another, you can create pillar content. However, if your basic web pages lack sufficient content, it will not be much help to create pillar content because there will be no space for the traffic to go anywhere. So first focus on creating enough content. Try to find a balance between having too much content and distributing the traffic properly around the web page. 



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