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British Columbia started a new program called the BCPNP tech pilot project in the May 2017. The main intention behind this program was to strengthen their IT work force. Since its inception, this program has aided over 4,000 tech workers to get their Canada Permanent Residency. This program also aims at attract the right talent into British Columbia to get their work done. This program is one of the BC PNP programs. British Columbia continues to invite skilled professionals into the province through their other pathways.

In all, BC has declared 29 jobs under this category. However, BC immigrations allows tech professionals other than these 29 jobs to utilize the program if it can proved eligible and required by both employer and the aspirant.

For other BCPNP pathways, it is required that the employer provides the employee, a valid job offer for a minimum of 3 years period. However, for BC Tech pilot program, the employer will need to provide a job offer for a period of 365 days only. The aspirant can either make a move from the company or could continue as would be required after this period is completed.

Weekly invitations are sent for qualified and selected profiles who are applying for one of the 29 jobs listed. These profiles are given high priority to be processed. A dedicated processing team is appointed for the Tech pilot profiles. Most BCPNP tech pilot applications are processed and approved within 2 to 3 months’ time period. Once the applicant receives the nomination from the province, he can then proceed to apply for permanent residency with IRCC. This pathway doesn’t require the employer or the aspirant to go through the LMIA regulations.

This program was a necessity as demand for talent in tech industry in British Columbia was on a raise. Due to its success, British Columbia extended this program till June 2021.

British Columbia continues to invite immigrants into the province, through their other pathways too. They encourage all those professionals and entrepreneurs to enter the province who can contribute actively to the economy of the province. British Columbia has been actively participating in the Canada Provincial Nominee Program since the late 90s.   

The province is known for its natural forests. Agriculture, technology and natural resources are few of the sectors that contribute to the economy of British Columbia. The BC Express Entry program works with the Federal Express Entry program.

The other stream known as the Skills Immigration stream will need the aspirant to hold a job offer from an employer in British Columbia.

For any of the three pathways mentioned above, the aspirant will need to fulfill the conditions of the 5 factors. Once the aspirant’s profile gets shortlisted, he or she will receive an ITA (invitation to apply) for the nomination from BC. The applicant will need to respond to the ITA within 30 days of receiving it. The aspirant will need to send his or her filled application attaching the required documents. Once the aspirant receives the Province’s nomination, he can then proceed to apply for Canada PR.

There will be a lot of documentation work that will need to be carried out during the whole process. It is highly recommended that the aspirant works with an experienced immigration firm to help them at every step possible. Usually errors committed during creation of profile or submission of application could lead to long term blockage in the process. To avoid such circumstances it is best to work with immigration firms that are registered with the ICCRC, Canada.




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