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MPowered Women is an information hub and our experts provide knowledge on Menopause sex drive. Menopause and sex drive is a fairly common point of study among health researchers. Some women experience a decrease in libido, others report no change and still others enjoy sex more. Here our experts look at some of the factors that may affect a woman's sex drive during menopause. Depression, anxiety, and other menopausal symptoms are among them. Many women have concerns about menopause and sex drive. During menopause, anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms such as vaginal dryness can affect a woman's sex drive.

Good information on menopause informs you that menopause is not an illness but just a natural part of aging that starts immediately the ovaries slow up the production of eggs and hormones to be fertilized. Therefore, the best approach towards relieving menopause symptoms is to arm you with the necessary menopause information.

Premenopausal can occur as early as eight years before menopause. If not mentally prepared, the individual premenopausal symptoms sufferer can be left with feelings of confusion and despair. For decades it has been recognized that women from many European countries.

Premenopause Symptoms

Some symptoms that are sure signs of menopause are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, bladder problems, skin problems, body aches, and uncontrolled emotions, and sleep deprivation. Hot flashes come about because the hypothalamus, which controls our body temperature, needs estrogen to function. This leads to sensations ranging from extremely cold, to extremely hot. Low levels of estrogen are also the reason behind sleep deficiency. Insomnia and wakefulness are also sure signs of premenopausal.

The Pre-menopause symptoms associated with premenopausal are identical to those symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause. These include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, fatigue, night sweats, memory loss, incontinence, unwanted hair growth, hair loss, vaginal wall thinning, lack of sexual drive, etc.

Low estrogen levels also have an impact on the body’s natural tendency to produce liquids. This causes low levels of sweat as well as a decline in vaginal lubrication which can make sexual intercourse a painful, uncomfortable experience. The reduction in the body’s liquid level also leads to the skin beginning to thin and look drier and older. Frequent urination, lack of bladder control, headaches, back pains, and other physical pains are also symptoms that you may be in the onset of menopause.

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