How Church Ministry Opportunities Are Growing All Around Us With Open Accessibility?

For Catholics around the world, the Church and its ministry mean a lot. It gives you a sense of purpose in life. Many times, it frees you from the past life’s guilt and sin. Otherwise, it’s the notion that binds Catholics across the globe together, building humanity one notch up.

However, this article shows you exactly how the accessibility of these churches is becoming easier for every Catholic out there.

Watch live sermons online anywhere

It’s okay or fine if you are not able to go to the Church. The most incredible church you can trust, like the Lighthouse Church, has an online live sermon facility for every listener.

You can be in your car, office, home, or seemingly in the other country altogether when you are listening to the live sermons by Pastor Keion Henderson or others.

We can say that time or country is not the boundary for you. Moreover, there are live updates about live sermons for every weekend. So, you can stay tuned to the update and set your schedule to be free for that time slot.

There are rebroadcast of the live sermons

Do you think you can’t make it to the Sunday workshop or sermons by Pastor Keion Henderson or others? Don’t worry. There is now a widely available option and schedule for rebroadcasts as well.

So, surely the accessibility for attending these Church ministry seminars is increasing.

There are seminars or online workshops for children

Even young kids or your children can get the most of the live sermons or recorded seminars online. They will know what it means to tackle different issues at their age.

The pastor and ministers will discuss the upcoming teenage and other troubles that are growing ministries common amongst us, from anywhere and everywhere, especially due to lockdown scenarios.

You can watch the live sermons on YouTube and Face book

Apart from the Lighthouse Church's official website in Houston, Texas, get the same videos online at YouTube or Facebook. Having a slow net won’t be an issue to forget about a live sermon that you might need to hear.

Easily use your slow internet even to load the most amazing sermons by the ministers and pastors of the Lighthouse Church at YouTube and Facebook without paying anything for the same.

Explore the mass and sermons in real

Apart from online sessions, these are arranged often at various locations with proper lunch and exercises. Know about them on the official website and never miss them again.


Every week there are multiple online and offline sessions you can attend without paying anything from your pocket. To know about the Multi-Cultural Ministries, visit today. You will be amazed to find how many sermons are delivered near you in Houston or elsewhere in Texas.


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