How can I resolve a Norton Error 8506 and 421 problem

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Norton is an antivirus software that efficiently removes all malware and spyware and protects your device from unwanted virus attacks. While installing this antivirus software, you may face some issues that would be notified as “Norton error 8506 and 421” on your system screen. Basically, this error occurs due to incomplete installation of the Norton Internet Security Application, corrupted files within the system, virus attacks, or falsely deleted Noton Internet Security files. Also, downloading a corrupted version of Norton antivirus software can lead you to the error saying “8506 and 421”.


Moreover, if you have entered the corrupted registry keys in the windows, then the choices are high that this error can trigger up. Although this issue is quite common among users. In order to fix this issue, here we have mentioned the best steps for you to follow to get your query resolved soon. And, if you don’t have much time to go through these steps, you can directly have words with our technical experts at our norton customer service number. They will assist you with the best solution without any hassle.


·        The first step would be- if you have Norton antivirus software installed, uninstall it and reinstall it

·        Save the file to your system’s screen dashboard. However, the file will be automatically saved to its default location on some browsers

·        Press “Ctrl + J” key to open the “Downloads” window on your system browser

·        Double-click NRnR icon

·        Checkmark “read the license agreement and click agree”

·        Go to the “Advanced Options”

·        Hit “Remove Only”

·        Hit “Remove”

·        Click “Restart Now” and reinstall the Norton antivirus software on your system.


So, these were the steps mentioned above for getting your Norton security error 8506 and 421 issue resolved. If you still face issues after going through these steps, we recommend you to contact at norton tech support to get the best deal from our technical experts.


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