Features and Benefits of Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Laminar air flow cabinet or laminar flow cabinet has been specifically designed for laboratories to keep the air present in the working environment clean. There is a filtration process that works in it which helps in preventing the building up of bacteria as well. These airflow cabinets come as both vertical and horizontal designs.




  • These flow cabinets are used for specialized work in laboratories.
  • Electronic devices are increasingly using these cabinets to keep the environment filtered and clean.
  • They can be customized as per the requirements of various fields.
  • Mainly, the airflow cabinets are used in industrial, pharmaceutical, and some other sectors.




Every product comes with its benefits and so is the case with laminar clean benches.


  1. Environmentally safe- the filter used to clean the air in the laminar flow cabinet is not thrown off anywhere. It has been designed in a way keeping the protection of our environment. The filter can be disposed of in landfills safely.
  2. Pocket friendly – These cabinets or clean benches do not heavy your pockets. The maintenance charges of the cabinets are very economical which ranges between a nominal amount. Only the filter needs to get replaced or maintained rest everything remains the same and is durable.
  3. Portable- Portable means that these cabinets can be moved from one place to another within the same building. It has only one power chord which provides portability.
  4. Safe and secure – the laminar flow cabinets ensure the safety of both the equipment as well as of the person using it. Hence, installing these cabinets in your workplace (laboratories is never a bad idea.


Hence, the usage of these laminar flow cabinets has become the need of these laboratories to replace the costly cabinets that emit hazardous fumes and harm the working environment that has costly filtration systems that cause a hole in the pockets. Laminar Flow Cabinets have proven to be the best thing especially for the institutions working in laboratories.


If you were looking for such cabinets and want them to be installed at your workplace, we have the best suggestion for you. Kewaunee is a brand that has been established among the world’s leading manufacturers of Laminar Flow Air Cabinets by offering the best quality of products.   The company has years of experience in this field, hence can cater to the demands of its clients easily.


It does not matter what size or type of Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet you are looking for, Kewaunee has solutions to all your problems.


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