Everything There’s to Know Today about Lighthouse Church Baptism

People usually have too many questions regarding baptism.

Some of the common ones among them are related to the reasons for being baptized, whether or not it matters if someone is sprinkled or dunked, and so on. But, in reality, Lighthouse Church Baptism is a major religious part of catholic Christianity.

It’s time to know more about the Lighthouse Church baptism. Read on to follow.


The purpose is to simply get the power benefit, effect in terms of faith and obedience to God. The churches of Christ - the Lighthouse Church consistently teach that baptism cleanses one totally from sin.

It changes the individual from the state he or she is at present to become a citizen of the kingdom of God.

The basic requirements

For becoming the follower of Jesus Christ, you have to trust in Christ for forgiveness and salvation. The idea of getting baptized is quite an effortless task.

You have to just fill out the form or contact the ministry leader. Then, you have to prepare the 2 to 3-minute testimony. Then attend the preparation by meeting one week just before the baptism.

Connecting with the church

When you join the Lighthouse Association by connecting to the homegroup, you can start building relationships. The home groups will be available for meeting throughout the way.

They will provide you with the opportunity to know more people who will be involved during the baptism and the supportive grills. Together, they will pray for each other's life.

When joining the Lighthouse community, you will feel the amazing bonding with the involvement in the church’s mission. Everyone encourages a place like the Lighthouse church, where members foster the growth of an environment to share interest and invest in the cause equally.

The procedure for baptism

Baptism here works like the one sacrament that the Christian denominations hold. The Catholic Church of Lighthouse welcomes everyone to free them from the sins with which they were born.

Baptism takes place on Sundays after the Parish delivers a mass in the early afternoon. In most cases, the Parish or the administers involved in the sacrament baptize the person with oil and the blessed water.

They pour it on the child or the head of the adult three times. The person has to dress appropriately for symbolizing the purity of faith and the cleansing power of baptism.

If someone is a follower of the Christian Church that performs baptism to the standards of becoming Catholic, there is never a requirement of getting re-baptized.


If you want further information regarding the Lighthouse Church Baptism, go through the information on https://lhhouston.church/. When you take the assistance of the Lighthouse Church baptism method, you will get the freedom to enter the Catholic faith and free yourself from the original sin.


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