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Eric Dewayne Manns Georgia is such an impressing personality that he has no comparison. He is a network engineer, tech-savvy, business manager, weightlifting enthusiast, and a complete family man. Besides, all these skills, he is an active social media person who loves to be present in this Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, PicbearDailymotion, Vimeo, and Slideshare. Hence, to get involved with him, start following his videos over different social media. 



Eric Dewayne Manns is an intellectual personality. He has above than 5 years’ experience in desktop support, and systems administration. Also, he is well-aware of supervising and supporting data and voice networks. Additionally, he can resolve technical networking issues in high pressure NOC environments which includes reachability and management, layer 2/3 connectivity, and end-user hardware/software issues. Hence for any technical assistance, he welcomes anyone.


Besides, he is well-educated. He had completed B.S. Information Technology in 2011 from Middle Georgia State University, and his Master of Science degree in 2015 and further, Master of Business Administration in 2017 from the University of Maryland University College. Also, he has studied Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, CompTIA and ITIL certifications. 


Eric Manns - KIDS LOVER

Being he is kids’ lover, he generally shares valuable knowledge about usage of modern applications, gadgets and how kids can use modern technology. To make them understandable, he usually uploaded videos which are inviting and knowledgeable. You should make your kids watch his videos, especially World’s 5 Most Bizarre Buildings, 5 Dangers of Social Media, 8 Things You Never Know Were Invented by Kids, 4 Easy Ways You Can Help Animals by Using Modern Technology, 13 Bizarre Moms Around the World, and Who Really Owns the Monkey Selfie Copyright. 



Eric Dewayne Manns is a fitness freak. He often shares the importance of weight lifting for women and men. His posts on social media assist people in fighting depression, along with learning innovative things. Thus, if you love to learn remarkable things in your leisure time, then start watching his videos on any social media platform. 



Being blessed with infinite skills and immense intellectual knowledge, he loves his family to the most. In this hectic schedule, he manages adequate time to spend with his family. He shares his family pics in social media which exhibits loves, affection, and understanding between his family members. This perception propels viewers to follow his principles of behaving with family. 



Eric Dewayne Manns Georgia unprecedented efforts are turning the perspective of his viewers. His videos are always appreciated, which keeps increasing the number of his followers. Therefore, to learn innovative things, become his follower now! 


Eric Manns Georgia

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