Choose Blitz Party Entertainment to add a Vintage Touch to your Party

If you are looking for a versatile party idea you can settle down for the Blitz party entertainment which is the latest craze to entertain the guests with a vintage twist. Yes, Blitz theme is from the 1930s and 40s and you can find the 1920s dancers for hire from Swing Patrol to perform at your party. Swing Patrol is one dance troupe that teaches and performs the yesteryear dancing styles that comes under swing dance. Under the umbrella of swing dance, you can find various dances like Lindy Hop, Blues, Charleston, Solo Jazz etc that are very much entertaining with the versatile steps and energetic moves that would offer a lot of fun to the dancers and also the viewers. You can contact Swing Patrol to hire the 1920s dancers who can entertain the crowd at your party with their performances to the vintage theme. The Swing Patrol encourages everyone who is interested to learn this dancing style irrespective of their experience and skills in dancing. They offer classes to level 1 to advanced levels for one to enrol in the dancing classes based on their skills in dancing. In the first level the dancers are considered novice and are taught from the basics to learn swing dance. As they gain the skill they can slide to the next levels and by the end of 3 to 4 years they become well trained swing dancers who can perform at various events to entertain the audience.

You can hire the 1920s dancers by choosing the packages offered by Swing Patrol. It is better to choose the Grand Slam package so that you need not worry about anything as Swing Patrol helps you right from finding a suitable venue for your party to arranging a bar, MC services, DJ services, hair and makeup artist, photo booth etc. You can join the guests and enjoy the party while the dancers take the responsibility of entertaining the guests with their performances. The dancers shall come up with not only wonderful performances but also encourage the guests to take part on the dancing floors by teaching them a few steps of the vintage dance. The guests at your party can also add a vintage touch to their attire through the hair and makeup artist to immerse in the Blitz party theme. There is no doubt that the 1920s dancers for hire shall add ultimate entertainment for your party.

Are you Looking for 1920s dancers for hire your Event? Swingpatrol provides best swing dance for your vintage wedding, party or themed event at an affordable Cost. To know more details about Blitz party entertainment, please visit us.


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