Career As a Fashion Designer

Career In Fashion Designing

“Something which makes you feel good because of you, people looks good.”

Introduction Of Fashion Designing:-

Fashion Designing is an art to the creation of clothing, It is a lifestyle affirmation of an individual or a group of people. It simply means to covers a wide range of human activities. Fashion is not always the same it always changes with time. Some factors affect the fashion styles: – social factors, political factors, age factors, etc. So, according to all these factors fashion changes. If you want to make your Career As A Fashion Designer the above line must be kept in mind.

Brief History Of Fashion Designing:- 

Fashion Designing hasn’t come today only, it has been running since ancient times. Charles Frederick Worth has started Fashion Designing in the 19th century. Charles Frederick Worth was the first Fashion designer to instructed his customers on what to wear rather than following their demands. After Charles’ Fashion House in Paris, several design houses began to recruit artists to design patterns for garments. Designs would be introduced to the clients, who would then place an order if they liked them.

Career As A Fashion Designer: –

After understanding the Introduction of Fashion Designing and History of Fashion Designing, Let me know you about the scope of Fashion Designing Or Career in Fashion Designing.

If you are a talented, creative, or innovative person then a Career in Fashion Designing is the right choice for you. But remember you must also hold the ability to be original and feels to people look good in your designs.

Further, you should know how to combine colors, shades, and express your ideas through sketching. You must always try to visualize new patterns, designs, accessories, etc. Today one can choose to specialize in any one of the fields of fashion designing such as Jewelers designing, Apparel designing, Accessories designing. As I already told you it has wider scope so the choices in fashion designing are limitless.

Different Fields In Fashion Industry For Career:-

  1. Television and Film Industry
  2. Advertising Agencies
  3. Garments and Textile Industry
  4. Fashion Showrooms
  5. Boutiques
  6. Freelancing or Self-employed Fashion Designer
  7. Fashion Designing Teacher

Salary In Fashion Designing Industry:-

If we talk about salary in Fashion Designing so, it depends on your designation and job location.

The average salary of a Fashion Designer in India is Rs. 18,000. However, freshers can expect a salary of Rs.15,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month, depending on the location, position, brand, and opportunity. Once you gain experience in the field, you can get up to 2lakh per month.

How To Become A Fashion Designer:-

Are you confused? that how to become a Fashion Designer?, No need to worry because you are already in the right place.

There are so many different fashion designing course programs that help you to make your career in fashion designing. Check the below-listed programs which help you to make your career as a Fashion Designer.

  1. Undergraduate Fashion Designing Course.
  2. Undergraduate Fashion Business Management Course.
  3. Post Graduate Fashion Designing Course.
  4. Post Graduation In Fashion Styling.
  5. Post Graduation Fashion Accessory Designing.
  6. Diploma Courses In Product Design.
  7. Diploma Courses In Jewellery Design.

Above are only some courses I mentioned. Apart from these one of the best fashion designing colleges in  INDORE, MUMBAI, And RAIPUR (DSIFD) offer undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and so many other short-term courses related to fashion designing.


Written By: – Durgesh Soni


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