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The Beni Ourain Marokon matot rug is an art based on the knowledge of ancestral civilization of people who have, throughout history, expressed their knowledge through sculptures, decorative means, drawings, poems, colors, designs, etc. Beni Ouarain Outlet Moroccan Berber rug is, therefore, an artistic object made in families of great pastoral tradition and who relied generally on breeding and agriculture for their living. The manufacture of Marokkolaiset berberimatot carpets, in all their forms, requires the presence of certain conditions, basic tools, and equipment, including:
We provide pure and healthy wool, as raw material which will be transformed into yarns of different sizes and properties, natural dyes.
Provide a suitable material of different shapes, depending on the intended use

We have competent staff who masters traditional weaving techniques and decorative patterns.

Each Marokon villamatot rug is individually chosen for its authenticity and design, so when you buy a Moroccan Berber carpet or rugs from Beni Ouarain Outlet, you can rest assured that you are getting something unique and legitimate. The Beni Ouarain Outlet Tuareg Mats and rugs are superior to the mass-produced loop pile Berber rugs are common throughout the modern world.

Our Berber-mekko style of rug has enjoyed immense popularity over the years, and they have been used to cover the floors in homes for centuries, long before modern decorative trends took hold and went ahead to mold the art of modern houses. You can also search for a Vintage Marokkolaiset matot that fits in with the existing decor of your home since many of our rugs and mats can seamlessly fit in with any color scheme.

Away from the great civilizations of Antiquity and far from the cultural exchanges of the Silk Road, the Marokon matto and rug have retained their originality in the mountainous regions of the Atlas and the Atlantic plains. When the motives of the vintage Moroccan Berber carpets are brought together with the symbols of the artifacts and parietal art of the first cultures of man, the same main beliefs are set up in the use of forms and signs, and there are surprising Correspondences or resemblances, even with the occurrence of the Upper Palaeolithic of Europe, the Neolithic of the East, and the Mediterranean basin. Thus, the Marokon matot or rug may perhaps be considered the last testimony of this archaic world.

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