An environmentally friendly way to order food online during lockdown in Kuala Lumpur

Give your meals an exciting start by ordering food online during the lockdown. There is a safe and secure way to do so. Read the points below to know how that is.

Read the menu by the chosen outlet.

You have to select the outlet that is offering your favorite and authentic Keralite food in Kuala Lumpur. Teasers like Fish Pakoda, Chicken Pakoda, Tomato Rasam, and Chicken 65 are quite famous in KL.

Otherwise, you can look for the Tiffin, luncheon/dinner (main course), and dessert menu as well. The entire menu should be scrumptious and mouth-watering. It should give you the taste and feel of being back home in Kerala if you are craving homely-food.

Assurance of safety measures while cooking and delivering.

Choose the outlet that assures safety while cooking and delivering the food. You need the chef to cook your desired items with utmost safety and security. You do not want them to mess with the taste or the look of the dish.

Similarly, you must solicit the delivery partner to opt for the hands-free delivery. They can simply ring the bell and drop the ordered food at your door. This way, you will be maintaining social distance too.

Assurance that there is no use of plastic in packaging.

You have to be a responsible citizen while ordering food online. Ask the delivery partner or the chosen outlet for the assurance that they are not using plastic in packaging. This way, you will not be contributing to harming the environment any further as well.

You can try the veg menu for a change.

To go an extra file for saving the environment, you can promote ordering vegetable food items online. Also inform your friends and family to order only veggie food.

This way, even the restaurants or outlets know that you care about the biodiversity and the environment to forbid non-veg food.

Ensure that the chosen outlet does not use any harmful chemicals.

Your chosen outlet must not use any kind of added preservative that is harmful to the climate or environment. Each dish should be authentically cooked. This way, the taste of each dish will melt over your tongue smoothly.

You and your family members in KL can enjoy the rich aroma of the scrumptious dishes: the main course and dessert you want to order. That will be possible for a long time because the chef will cook it purely with creativity and love the land of dishes origin.

Conclusion: is one such website from where you can order food online in KL with eco-friendly measures. Your entire food ordering experience in lockdown will be best from Gajaa at 8 restaurant. They serve you with the most authentic Keralite food items. To know more about online food delivery Kuala Lumpur, visit our site


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