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Where do I put the detergent?

We know that many times when you have carefully read the labels of the clothes and have put all the clothes inside the washing machine to choose the best program that will take care of all your clothe

Washing shirts: Before washing:

Before you can wash your shirts, you should sort them by color. Do not wash a light shirt with dark ones to avoid discoloration of the shirt. White shirts and blouses are washed separately, otherwise,

Why does not my washer begin?

The washer does not begin anymore? You then must first hold calm and look. Here we Liox cleaners & laundry will endeavour to steer you. # 1 Does the washer get any electricity? If the

How to dry towels properly?

To get a nice fluffy towel after towels cleaning, it is best thrown directly into the dryer after washing in the machine. Due to the constant movement and air entrapment in the fibers, it becomes fluf