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Top 5 Short Fiction Story Contests

1. Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers-Boulevard Magazine Boulevard magazine is looking for any short story. Their requirement is that the story by up to 8,000 words and the entry fee is

Basic Paraphrasing Techniques

With the advancing era, many new techniques and processes are introduced to upgrade the quality of work and share innovative and creative ideas. Paraphrasing in the field of writing, specially academi

Why is Paraphrasing Important?

One of the most important and crucial aspects of writing is paraphrasing. People hire online paraphrasing service in order to get their research papers, documents and other academic yet non-academic w

Products to get rid of hunger

Just remember the following list: Peanuts. Researches showed that trans fats these nuts contain makes it to where a hormone cholecystokinin is made. This hormone is responsible for sense of fullne

Benefits of Professional Resume Service

When searching for a job the most vital weapon that you must have is a resume. It does not matter how well you know yourself or how experienced you are at your job if you cannot include all that into

4 Tips To Write a Touching Eulogy

Composing and conveying a eulogy or a tribute speech can prove to be an overwhelming task. Apart from the pain and anguish you're feeling as you adapt to the departure of a friend or family member, yo

Compact Guide to English Literature

Compact Guide to English Literature is one of the 27 books published by Bodhi Tree Books and Publications to aid students of literature in preparing for competitive exams. Each of the books that form

A business opportunity in a trade fair

Orissa is a state undoubtedly famous for its upcoming business opportunities and growing industrialization. It is slowly moving towards becoming the business hub of the country due to its abundant nat