How to Take Back Your Life after Abuse

Abuse is a tragically common experience. People who survive abuse often have a different perception on life than people who have not been abused. On the surface level, they learn to fear other people

The Nice Guy Problem

Relationships are an integral part of most people's lives. If you are like the majority of people in the world, you want a good, healthy relationship with someone else. The problem is that there are s

How can I Become a Great Leader?

While leadership courses are great for enhancing knowledge; becoming a dynamic leader rests in your own capacity to navigate your internal emotional "landscape." If certain debilitating bloc

How to Stop Taking Things Personally

Humans are social creatures, as Aristotle taught us millennia ago. We learn who we are by our interactions with others. Every day, we interact with many people. From the moment we wake up we are inter

Managing the dread of loneliness

It goes without saying that at one point or the other we will experience times when we are by ourselves. For some people, the fear of loneliness comes about due to various reasons. Getting to correct

Death Anxiety: Dealing with Thanaphobia

Of man's oldest fears, the fear of death has surely surpassed all the others. This largely stems from the fact that no one is entirely sure what happens when someone crosses the bridge to the "ot