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How to get back the love of your life

It becomes a heartbreaking and traumatic experience when the person who means most to us in the world ( read beau as in girlfriend or boyfriend) breaks up with us. Life becomes simply unbearable witho

Bachelor Party Tips

So you wish to begin a bachelor party but don't have any idea on where to begin. Well, bachelor party planning should not be a tough ask if you keep the below mentioned information in mind while plann

How to Save Cash On A Bachelor Party ?

Back in the 70s & 80s, planning a bachelor party was a simple assignment; bestowed upon mates, relatives or the best man. A blank basement, a barrel of beer, a dash board & some wild movies sufficed.

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Living with Teenagers

Living with Teenagers We have all experienced our teens; a time when we knew best and were invincible. A time when hormones made us sleep until lunch, pay excessive attention to ourselves and do an

Do You Know How to Get a Guy to Like You?

There are situations wherein you try to flirt with a guy but failed terribly. Bear in mind though that every man is different. There are stuff that women do that results in a man who may have liked th

How To Help Poor Homeless Elderly?

Knowing how to help poor elderly can at times feel difficult, confusing as well as overwhelming. The money you offer them directly might not be used by them. It's even confusing what to offer them for

weight loss tips for men over 30

The reason did I find this kind of hard to believe? Well, the methods that will Michael Wren used to melt off his unwanted body fat is so unconventional it contradicts so many tried and true technique

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The reason why did I find this hard to believe? Well, the methods that Michael Wren used to burn away his unwanted body fat is so unconventional it contradicts a great number of tried and true techniq