You must know about the secrets to buy a carpet

It may be that the purchase par excellence in Morocco is the azilal teppich. Traditionally they have been made by women and in the rural world, almost everyone knows how to weave. 

Many dedicate much of the "free" time to knitting, especially in winter when the cold forces to slow down the pace of life. The culture of the carpet is very internalized. 

Not only do they serve to cover the floor of homes and enjoy them, if at any time there are economic difficulties (bad harvests, damage to homes, etc.) they take them to the Medina to convert them into money. 

In short, berber teppich making is a support of the family economy. In Morocco different cultures, different ways of life are mixed, and each of them weaves carpets with different colors, textures, and techniques. 

There are also urban Boucherouite that are very different from the rural ones. Urban rugs are larger, more intense colors and the edges are geometric patterns. 

However, rural berber teppich can be of different colors depending on the area; lighter, busier and with long threads of wool in the Middle Atlas, while in the South they are more vivid in color. 

But what if we want to buy a carpet? 

Moroccans believe that every tourist should return home with a carpet. Everyone who works in the tourism sector has a "cousin" who sells well-priced carpets, and surely we will end up having tea in his workshop. 

The tricks to buy Marokkanische Teppiche zu verkaufen are easy to explain, but putting them into practice is already different:

- Look if the edges are straight.
- Scratch with nails to see if the knots are tight.
- Tear a piece of wool from the back and burn it. If it does not turn on and it smells like roast lamb, it is natural wool.

If these tips are not enough, the solution is to buy a beni ouarain that has passed the control of the Ministry of Crafts, which guarantees its origin and quality.

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