Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server?

Internet service providers, or ISPs, need to have dedicated servers to host their clients' web pages, thus, they can offer personalized web hosting services to each client, offering a disk space and width of Band for each client individually.

Some web applications require the implementation of third-party applications or extra components that are not included in conventional web hosting. 

Some extra components are only possible to use if they are installed directly on the dedicated server with administrator rights, therefore, a simple web hosting will not allow complex projects to be 100% developed.

Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are usually grouped into two groups. This grouping is usually determined by the operating system that is previously installed:

Windows Dedicated Servers: They usually integrate Windows 2003 Server in any of its variants, web edition, Standard, Enterprise, and etc.

Dedicated Linux Servers: Usually integrate Linux system in any of its variants.

The management of a dedicated server is done directly by capturing the server's desktop, usually by means of "terminal Server" in windows or by "console" in Linux. To allow hosting web pages or selling web hosting, it is necessary to install various programs or components of the operating system itself, for DNS management, file management, user assignment, and permissions. Today you can buy SSD VPS online.

Hardware limitations must be taken into account:

Comparing a conventional web hosting to a dedicated server, the differences are very significant, since in the dedicated servers the limits are established by the hardware that composes the server so in development we can do what we want.

In the case of web development, our limitation focuses on the amount of disk space provided by our provider and the extra components as they are included. Obviously, hiring a dedicated server has a higher cost than web hosting, but the possibilities offered by this option are really wide.

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