Why to use bamboo flooring for your interior?

Applying sustainable and durable alternatives to room setting is a trend that is increasingly adopted by architects and decorators. Bambusparkett is an ally when renovating or building your home with environmentally-friendly materials. 

Besides being very beautiful and environmentally friendly, terrassendielen is made with high-quality processes, ensuring a stylish and durable product.

Massivholzplatte uses the Mosso species, one of the hardest and strongest that takes between five and seven years to mature. Being tougher than other types of hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring can be the missing solution to make your home beautiful and cozy. 

How is bamboo flooring made?

Making a bambus produkte is a somewhat complex process as it involves boiling the sticks, drying to remove moisture, pressurized cooking with plasticizer adhesives, re-drying, cutting, sanding, lamination and UV light drying. Finally, a quality inspection certifies that the bamboo floor is ready to be marketed.

Advantages of bamboo flooring:

Because they are sturdier than other hardwood floors - given their high fiber content, which makes them denser - parkettboden have both male and female grooves on all four sides for easy placement. Depending on the size of the rooms, one day your bamboo floor will be completely installed, free of dust or dirt. The bamboo floor has a natural and unique design, formed by the appearance of pressed slats.

Bamboo flooring features:

Bamboo is a grass and grows faster than a tree. Being self-sufficient, it reproduces annually and is an excellent sustainable resource. The bamboo floor has opaque or gloss finish and, for its installation, just have leveled and waterproofed counter-flooring.

Bamboo flooring in decoration:

The rustic and cozy look of the bamboo floor combines well with more classic and wooden furniture, as this floor warms the atmosphere and makes it much more inviting. 

The color of the parkett kaufen does not need to match that of your furniture, however, it is ideal to have a harmony between the elements, maintaining the line of comfort and charm offered by the bamboo floor. Elements such as sofas in beige or leather blend well with the bamboo floor. Light rugs also stand out in the darker shade of bamboo.

Woven Parkett is an asset for those who wish to compose a pleasant, beautiful and committed to nature environment. Its perfect finish and unique details are great bets for those who want a wood floor that escapes the traditional. Betting on this solution can be a good idea.


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