Why do laser engraving at Hamilton-rand?

When we refer to laser engraving or steel marking stamps, we are referring to a specific type of process where there is no real contact between the object to be recorded and what will be recorded with it. This is possible because it is a laser beam that will generate an effect on the piece to be recorded.

In some cases, in addition to engraving a name or drawing, it is also used as a technique to be able to cut.

In the Control panel engraved, the recording of a name can vary according to the depth levels and can be from microns to the maximum allowed by the laser that is usually several centimeters.

As for the types of materials that can be used for this, we can do it with a plastic or with a metal although the effect generated by the laser in them is an effect where there will be a small change in color.

On the other hand, the engraving services that are done are a maximum speed engraving, so it will allow a large number of surfaces to be recorded in a few minutes.

But, laser engraving is not only known for the fact that it can reflect a drawing or a name, but also because it allows special songs and very clean cuts to be made at all times. The best in these cases is the precision that allows at the time of cutting and can be done in wood, plastic, fabric or ceramic with very little distortion.

Currently, it is considered to be the best system in East midlands that exists in the market and therefore must be taken into account both for the cuts and for recording a name.

As if that were not enough, its low production cost makes it recommended for both large and small orders since the final result is very satisfactory if we compare it with other types of engraving and/or cutting systems.

Undoubtedly we are facing a very special technique that gives way to countless possibilities being able to record names, logos and make cuts in almost all types of materials.

If you have any questions about it, contact us. In hamiilton-rand, we are specialists in laser engraving. We have years of experience in this field and we also offer branding irons for wood crafts. Do not hesitate to contact us to get the best prices.


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