What is Traffic Data Collection and how does it work?

Traffic data collection is a process to capture data that appropriately reflects the real-world traffic situation in a particular area. It aims to count the number of vehicles using specific roads and gathering journey time information.

Importance of traffic data collection

Traditional methods of gathering traffic data include human surveyors, new techniques like sensors and also do image analysis using machine vision. With the advancement in techniques to deduct traffic data, traffic data collection becomes easier and straightforward.

Here are the reasons for using traffic data collection:

• No need to indulge in paperwork. Traffic data collection can be done anytime.
• High level of accuracy.
• The requirement of hiring workforce to collect traffic data is not necessary anymore.

How does it work?

Traffic data collection sensors can be installed either temporarily or permanently:

Temporary installation: The installation is performed on one lane per direction. It has a battery along with internal memory for storing 1 million measurements. It counts and measures the length and speed of vehicles.

Further, a temporary installation offers classification, counting, and speed measurements for frequentation studies and objectification of neighborhood complaints.

Permanent installation: In this case, a Doppler sensor is used to collect traffic data on one lane. It transmits in real-time the length and speed of each vehicle to a counting station.

It works above ground; thus, it can be installed on the roadside or gantries. It is compact and discreet in shape and is easy to install.

Where to consult for traffic data collecting services?

Icoms Detections is offers traffic data collection products and services. It offers equipment like the TMS-SA (for temporary installation), the TMS-NET (for permanent installation), and other types of equipment for traffic data collection Besides, it has been offering other equipment too for managing traffic of specific areas.

To get in touch with Icoms Detections for traffic data collection, click here https://icomsdetections.com/.


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