What if I tell you, we don't need to read self - help books to feel better

As a big fan of reading books, I always welcome any kind of book. Yes, it is true, I love novels, science, psychology or even behavioral economics. Books are the true treasure that contains knowledge and information. But have two types of them that I always avoid. First is the romantic novels (not all, but almost of them) and the most hated books are called self - help books.

But the reason why I hate it so much? Frankly, with all of you, I had read some of them when I just 19 or 20 years old. At first, I love it so much. No one is hate to hearing stories or lessons from famous people, it is very great, I admit it. Especially at the time, I don't know what I need to do with my life. I had thought it can be the cure for my problems.

So I set a plan to read these books. I had bought so many of them from the bookstores. I made a schedule to read them everyday. After reading 3 - 4 books, I start feeling that has something so familiar and common between them. I remember in one day, I read the very interesting chapter, I remember it is concern about the power of good attitude or something like that. And I say: "Wow, this is so amazing. I will do it exactly." But it just for few days or even tomorrow, that fascinated feeling is totally gone. I don't know what have happened. I had followed all of the instructions in the books, but it is not working. After a long time to get aware of my situation. I realize that I had made a big mistake. I'm to depend on it. I care too much about the rules telling you what you need to do to get happy and successful. And I learned that I need to pay attention more to myself, I need to know who am I, in a more specific way: I need to become myself!

I will not discuss the topic why I can happy but still be myself. It is the old issue. The important thing that I want to say is we don't need to read self - help books to feel better about ourselves. It is just the book that contains the experiences and skills that authors got. But you must know this. They are they, you are you, and I am I. Every person have each other personality. We have a different idea about the culture, politic, art,... And of course, we have own experiences. And experiences can't be learned just by reading some books and hope it has the result instantly, especially when it is other people's experiences, not by yourself. We need the practice to get for ourselves the experiences and can be used by ourselves only.

That is the key point I want to say about this topic. But I will go to more specific. If you have read the book "Adversity Quotient: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities" by the Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, he had said that we need to avoid anything like motivational or inspirational videos and words. For example, when you go to some meeting, and the topic of the show is talking about how to get the successful and happy life. You feel amazed and think everything is about to change, and just like the example of reading self - help books I was said before. It will not go to work. I don't blame for the authors and the hosts of these books or the meeting channels. I just want to say their action is not brought 100% of beneficial to the people. Motivational quotes? It's just like doping. At the first time, you feel really great and powerful, but that emotion will more and more decrease and completely disappear, leaving you alone with the long face, and you loose the belief again. And that is so sad.

This life is hard, really really hard. John Wayne had said this: "Life is tough, but it is tougher when you are stupid", that is so meaningful lesson. But how to be smart? Don't ask me, I am still searching for it. That is a difficult question, even with how many studies and research of the science, we can never get the exact answer. We need to do it, not to talk or heard. The frequently question so many men often asking the successful people: "How to be successful?" That is a stupid question. Want to be successful? Live by your own foot, be happy and become yourself, not by these cheap self - help books or some bullshit advice you often see in some website talk about the life experiences.

And my conclusion here is you don't need to waste money to buy self - help books and try too hard to become another person, with me it is not a smart way. You still can success without that things. But of course, it is just my little idea about the art of the reading book. The choice is yours. Thank you so much for reading my practical article.
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