What are the major differences between Dry-type and oil-cooled transformer?

Transformer manufacturers build different types of transformers that take high voltage electricity from a power station directly and transform it into low voltage. This permits the energy used by several machines and appliances efficiently that can handle low voltage like in transportation hubs, offices, schools, and factories. Among the electrical transformers manufacturers, Vajra Transpower is the best one. 

Transformers generate a lot of heat which must be dissipated to keep the transformer running safely. As a top transformer manufacturing company, it manufactures two types of transformers in the industry: dry type transformer and oil-cooled transformer. 

In the dry type transformer, it uses air as a cooling medium and oil-cooled transformer uses oil. Maybe both types of transformers have the same results, there are multiple differences between them which will affect which type of transformer you need.  

Maintenance: Oil cooled transformers need more maintenance, which must be maintained more often than dry-type. Before using oil in the transformer, it needs to be checked for contamination, whereas dry-type transformers of power transformer manufacturers are very resistant to chemical contaminants.

Costs: As compared to the oil-cooled type transformer, the dry type has a high operating loss. According to energy efficiency, oil-filled transformers have a higher standard, and also have a higher lifespan than dry type transformer.

Noise: Oil cooled transformers have a low level of operating sound, thus very less noise pollution than dry-type.

Recyclability: Vajra Transpower is also contemplated as a top distribution transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. And we really concern about its recyclability. The life recycling for the dry-type transformer is very less, whereas oil type has easy core/coil reclamation. Oil cooled transformer has a superior operating life span and also maintainability, so it produced less waste and require fewer replacements and labour.


Efficiency: dry type transformer manufacturers build dry-type transformers as larger units, limited in making them more effective to overheating in case they experience overload. That’s why, they have higher electrical losses, and also it is more costly to maintain over time. Size-wise, oil-cooled transformers are smaller and more efficient. They require less maintenance. 

Voltage Capabilities: Normally, Isolation Transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad builds dry-type transformers to handle small to medium MVA and voltage ratings, making the transformers ideal for small applications. Oil cooled transformers can also handle heavier loads effectively, so applications that need higher voltages will prefer oil units.

Location: The location of the transformer is one of the biggest factors for which type of transformer you will need. The dry-type transformer is specified for use in different buildings because they are environmentally safer than dry type. Dry-type transformers are poses less fire risk, making them ideal transformers for shopping malls, residential complexes, hospitals and other commercial sectors. Oil cooled transformers are used in outdoor installations because of the possibility of oil leakage as well as spills that pose a fire risk, but these types of transformers are more environmentally friendly.

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