What are the advantages of Dental Implants Irvine CA?

Dental implants Irvine CA is today one of the newest specialties in dentistry, and this has come to give a 360-degree change in terms of treatment for the benefits of our patients because we can replace from a dental piece with an implant to a complete arch.

Irvine dentistry explains that when a dental piece is lost, the bone surrounding the root of it begins to diminish or become damaged, and adjacent teeth try to occupy the space of this lost tooth.

The loss of a tooth not only affects our smile but also changes our quality of life.

Among the advantages of dental implants, the following can be highlighted:

- It is the safest option since the prosthesis is attached to the implant, and not to other teeth.

- Prevents bone loss by maintaining function on the bone.

- The chewing sensation is similar to that of a natural tooth.

- It has a longer duration, with rates higher than 90% in periods of 20-30 years.

- The bone is subjected to a similar force when chewing than with natural teeth, which allows it to conserve its biological form.

Osseointegration occurs, which is a direct connection at the molecular level of the titanium surface of the implant with the bone. This union is so strong that the only way to separate titanium from bone would be by extracting the bone that surrounds it. Osseointegration takes place in about 4 - 6 months.

In cases of complete loss of all teeth, dental implants are the ideal solution to improve the quality of life. Many patients who wear full dentures experience considerable difficulty adapting to removable dentures. The dental implant is fixed and comfortable and there are no parts to worry about because once it has been placed, they will continue to work well.

Absence of pain at no time during the procedure do you feel pain or discomfort and, in most cases, the postoperative period involves less discomfort than other more common dental interventions.

Implant maintenance is similar to what other teeth need:

The Affordable dental implants Irvine is much simpler when it comes to maintaining proper oral hygiene.

In short, Cheap dental implants in Orange County CA have become an excellent alternative in replacing dental pieces either individually or by replenishing a complete arch.

Although it requires an investment of money greater than a removable denture or a conventional fixed bridge, the list of advantages is so wide that, finally, its cost is low compared to the benefits obtained. 

The disadvantages are very few and the risks minimal. With the implants, the function and aesthetics can be restored by giving our patients pleasant smiles.






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