What are pipe Repair Clamps

Pipe repair clamps are used to stop water leaks on any type or size of pipe. This is the same quality repair clamp that your local water utility uses to stop leaks on their pipelines. Why pay a plumber hundreds of dollars when you can have the solution in your hands and fitted in a matter of moments.

Superiordirect.com –Stop Leaking pipes Now. Easy Fit Pipe Repair Clamp

Superiordirect.com specializes in products to repair leaking pipes in minutes with no special tools required. These easy fit clamps can be installed by anyone with no special skills, in minutes., saving you hundreds of $ in expensive call out and repair charges from your local plumbing contractor.
The only thing you need is a spanner or wrench and the leak is stopped.

 At superiordirect.com, they have been created a simple matrix to ensure you can cover every size of pipe in your property including elbows and joints. For the majority of households which now have CTS pipe, that means copper, pex and cPVC pipe. If you have other pipe types, simply let Superior Direct know. They’ll have you covered.

Superior Direct stop water leak pipe repair clamps have been tested by accelerated aging techniques to ensure their suitability for buried conditions, making these pipe repair clamps the ideal way of stopping leaks on your service supply line from the meter into your property. Don’t forget as the winter season approaches pipe bursts come hard and fast. Don’t spend hundreds of $ when the solution is in your garage and needs only a simple spanner or wrench to install.

Superior Direct PVC pipe repair clamps are designed to fit on any size or type of pipe

In your home. You can even have a repair clamp for your waste water and sewage lines. Think of the $ you save. A repair on this type of problem can cost anywhere from $2500 to $25,000. All this for less than $100, it’s got to make sense.

Copper, steel, pex, iron and pvc pipe leaks are very common caused by anything from corrosion to accidental damage to tree roots to vibration within your home. Superior Direct clamps can be used to repair all pipes in a matter moments.

Due to its high quality, the water supply pipe clamp offers great durability and flexibility, maintaining the properties of the pipe for years and making the perfect fit between pipes and connections, with a guarantee of zero leaks.

Ideal for pre-assembled installations: Its great flexibility coupled with its flexibility makes a pipe repair clamp the best system for pre-assembled installations, guaranteeing savings in installation times and costs. It is also ideal for installations in hotels, and hospitals as well as in industries and businesses.

If you are in search of the best parts of water line repair, visit our site superiordirect.com and contact us. We offer a comprehensive service and provide a fast response to your questions.


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