What are advantages we can get by using isolation transformer?

Basically, many transformer manufacturers build isolation transformer to transfer electrical power from one alternating current (AC) source to a device, where the powered device is completely isolated from the source of power for safety measures. Vajra Transpower, one of the top electrical transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad manufacture isolation transformer which provide galvanic isolation.

The principle of the isolation transformer is to isolate several sections of electrical systems to prevent current flow.  In this type of transformer, no direct conduction path but the energy exists in the transformer still flow between different sections by capacitance, induction or by electromagnetic waves. But, these isolation transformers isolate or block the DC signal transmission from one circuit to another, while allowing the AC components to pass. Manufacturing transformer based upon this concept, now Vajra transpower is the top rated Isolation Transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad

Like dry type transformer, isolation transformers have turn ratio of 1:1 between the primary winding and secondary winding, which are utilized to protect electric shock generation between ground and conductors. These transformers are also used to suppress noise and utilized for power generation is different electrical appliances like computers, medical devices, laboratory instruments, etc. As the best transformer manufacturing company, we provide a special insulation between the primary and secondary winding of the transformers and their high range voltage ranging from 1000 to 4000 volts.

 Advantages of isolation transformers

Different power transformer manufacturers and businesses use isolation transformers due to their various purposes and advantages. Some of its most important benefits include:

  • Isolation in different electrical circuits can be substituted by using isolation transformers. These types of transformers have 1:1 turn ratio.

  • Just like distribution transformer manufacturer, Isolation transformer manufacturer also facilitate direct current power isolation. In telephone lines, where amplifiers are needed at multiple times, it is isolation transformer which carries out the isolation of direct current (DC) components from the signal to control each amplifier on the line.

  • Isolation transformers also prevent against the electric shock risk by combining a vessel to the electric power source. They facilitate isolation of the person from the resource in such a way that the electric wirings of the transformer do not touch the power line directly. As one of the transformer dealers in Hyderabad, we always concentrate on these principles. 

  • Without isolation or separation in the electronics testing and servicing, touching a live part of the circuit can prove to be dangerous. Thus, 1:1 turn ratio of the isolation transformers are used for separation in order to provide safety. Therefore, Isolation transformers have proven to be an outstanding option for electronics gadgets. For high requirement, Vajra transpower is one of the famous power transformer dealers in Hyderabad. 

  • All types of noise and sounds, created by connecting different signals of the audio amplifier to the speaker output circuit is diminished with the help of isolation transformers.

  • Isolation transformers also help in separate radio frequency generation on large devices of the circuit from the transmitter line. 

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