Washing shirts: Before washing:

Before you can wash your shirts, you should sort them by color. Do not wash a light shirt with dark ones to avoid discoloration of the shirt. White shirts and blouses are washed separately, otherwise, they may become greyish over time.

If your shirts should survive the wash as wrinkle-free as possible, there should be no other clothes in the washing machine. Most materials are heavier than the fabric of a shirt and squeeze it together.

For optimal results, place at most eight shirts or blouses in the drum. Then everything will be radiantly clean even during the fine wash cycle.

Always pay attention to the respective care instructions before washing shirts. Sensitive materials like silk should be hand washed. If you are unsure, take a look at the care label.

Make sure all shirt pockets are emptied. Remove pocket squares.

To wash the shirts very gently, it is advisable by Laundry near me to put them in a laundry bag or a non-coloring cushion cover. Alternatively, you can turn it to the left.

You should fold up the collar before washing and close the button plackets. Soiling on the collar is better washed out and friction on the fabric is avoided. By closing the button placket, the shirt retains its shape and does less work for ironing.

If there is a collar in a shirt collar, it is important to remove it before washing. Otherwise, it may break loose during spinning and damage the fabric of the shirts or even your washing machine.

Washing shirts: That's how it works:

You should treat stains or heavy soiling on the collar or cuffs by hand with some liquid detergent, core or gall soap before you hand over the shirts of the washing machine. Also, to remove the pen to help simple home remedies.

Use a mild detergent and wash the shirts at 40 degrees "Easy Care" or "Delicates". Both programs spin less and the shirts remain largely wrinkle-free, which makes ironing much easier. But as a precaution, take a look at the care instructions for each shirt beforehand.

According to Laundry near me, you can also wash a white shirt to 60 degrees and use a conventional heavy-duty detergent. This is more efficient against stubborn stains. But also pay attention to the care instructions here. Not every substance tolerates the high temperatures and aggressive detergent.


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