Vehicle Detection to Make Smart Traffic Control Smarter

Road safety is very important, and it will be necessary to make sure that the smarter traffic control measures will be put in place to avoid the dangers that one may encounter while on the road. To give you the best ideas on how it should be maintained, listed below are some of the smart tips that must be followed to control traffic.

The traffic light is utilized to control the stream of vehicles. Traffic control equipment is very valuable for controlling substantial traffic on roadways and convey attention to vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Driving experience in big cities like Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, and many more around the world has been worsening for more than a decade now. To deal with the traffic and provide drivers with the best experience, Vehicle Detection Smart Systems have been designed. These systems have been deployed worldwide, particularly on congested highways and high load city streets.

Icoms Detections provides an answer to your needs. ICOMS designs and manufactures sensors based on microwave technology since 1993 for better road traffic management to improve mobility and enhance safety on roads. The company is a key global player in the ITS industry (and more specifically in the following sectors: Traffic Light Control, Traffic Safety, and Traffic Data Collection) by providing easy-to-use microwave sensors with an excellent price/quality ratio.

Icoms Detections contributes to the improvement of traffic flow and safety by designing and developing state-of-the-art sensors to improve the quality of life and safety for people around the world while ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

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