Use of Smart Traffic Management Systems for Enhanced Road Safety

Traffic safety is considered to be a priority for many people. Traffic management system is considered solving mobility problems through the latest technology and products.

Importance of Traffic Management Systems (TMS)

The TMS is quite effective in improving economic productivity, traffic flow and increase the transportation efficiency as well as mobility. Advanced management systems monitor stretches of highways and expressways continuously and hence offer valuable information and feedback to the control room to take appropriate actions. The acquisition of information about traffic including vehicle breakdowns, hazardous weather conditions, accidents, traffic hold-ups, and many others are sent to the road management center.

Traffic lights are devices used to control the flow of traffic. They are also called traffic lamps, stop lights, stop-and-go lights and robots. They are designed specifically to be used as signaling devices and are generally positioned where the road intersects with different flows of traffic, no matter whether it is motor vehicles or human traffic to control the flow of traffic.

They are extremely useful for orderly and uninterrupted movement of vehicles and pedestrians during heavy traffic on the roads. Traffic Light Control System play a big role in controlling the traffic during peak hours without a traffic policeman.

Identifying Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), i.e. cyclists and pedestrians, correctly remains one of the most challenging tasks for autonomous vehicles (AVs). However, to avoid accidents and achieve a highly efficient traffic flow, it is important to detect VRUs and to predict their intentions.

Therefore to increase the safety on roads and improve the mobility, Icoms Detections has been designing and manufacturing sensors for road traffic management since 1993 based on microwave technology, meeting the needs of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Our mission is the improvement of traffic flow and safety by designing advanced Vulnerable Road Users Detection strategies and developing state-of-the-art sensors to improve the quality of life and safety for as many people as possible while ensuring a positive impact on the environment. The strengths of radar technology is its ability to measure the speed of any moving object, regardless heat or light conditions. We, at Icoms Detections, value:

  • Innovation
  • Ergonomics
  • Reliability
  • Proximity
  • Flexibility

In short, the main objective of the smart traffic management system is to offer effective traffic management solutions that facilitate highway operators, private concessionaries, or government authorities to take necessary actions which in turn results in enhancing the road user's safety.

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