Types Of Breast Pumps & Their Features

Breastfeeding is an act that comes naturally to all mothers. As soon as a baby is born, his initiation into the world happens when the mother takes him in her arms and breastfeeds him. From then on, most babies are usually breastfed for months or even years on end. Ensuring that your baby gets an adequate supply of wholesome breastmilk is something that is highly recommended. Doesn't seem like much of a problem, does it? It really isn’t, not unless life beckons you and you have to go back to work. Breastfeeding one’s child is a problem that many working mothers face. Why just working moms? There are bound to be days when even stay-at-home mothers do not have the luxury of sitting their child down and breastfeeding him. To put all mothers at ease, we now have helpful little baby care products called baby breast pumps
Baby breast pumps are devices created specially for nursing mothers so they can pump out and collect their breastmilk. As painful as the process sounds, you will be more than glad to know that special care has been taken to make the process as painless and hassle-free as possible. The best way to be sure that you are buying the right baby breast pumps is to make sure that you get ones that mimic your baby’s suckling. 
These products are definitely a good investment in the long run if you are a mother who:
Has trouble feeding your baby because of flat- or inverted-nipples. The suction cups in baby breast pumps help pull out your nipples so milk flows through freely.
Has to go back to work or even make a quick trip to the grocery store but wants to make sure that your baby has a sufficient supply of breastmilk.
Has to feed her premature baby who is too tiny to be breastfed.
Needs help relieving the pressure and pain caused by engorgement (overabundance of breastmilk).
Needs help in increasing your breastmilk supply. These devices latch on to your breasts and effectively help pump out milk.
Is temporarily weaning their child. 
When it comes to the types of baby breast pumps, you have:
Hospital-grade electric - These breast pumps are most likely to be recommended for mothers who need help feeding their premature baby or mothers who have trouble secreting an adequate supply of milk.
Top-end electric personal-use - These baby breast pumps are automatic and are ideal for mothers who have to be away from their baby for prolonged hours or even days. 
Battery-operated - These are ideal for mothers who have to leave their baby for a few hours and are not ready to feed them formulas just yet.
Manual - With manual baby breast pumps, you have the liberty of manually controlling the force or speed of the suction. 
It is also advisable to consider the motor noise level of the pumps if you are particular about being discreet. You can also buy breast pumps based on whether they come as single, double alternating, or double simultaneous pumps. Once you are done pumping out your breast milk, you can refrigerate it for days, sometimes even months on end.
Chicco, Avent, Baby Dreams, Farlin - these are just some of the many brands that you can shop from if you buy breast milk pump online.


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