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AOL offers a lot of cool features to the users to make their process quite easy and simple. Dial-up, the connection of AOL, is such a feature that makes it easy to use the broadband connection in an enhanced way and also make it safer for users to use the internet from a broadband connection. With these features, one can easily find out that AOL is one of the best internet service providers that takes care of its users at a greater extent. Now if you get any error, you can easily remove them by contacting at aol support with the help of AOL experts. Also if you follow the methods given below you can handle your issue on your own.

How fix dial-up connection?

There could be several reasons that prevent you to using the dial-up feature in AOL and get some trouble for you, but you can easily get rid of any issue and fix your dial-up problems by following these methods:

By checking the dial tone:

You need to check the dial tone if you have any that can create some problem with your computer but if you don’t have any that can cause the issue with your phone provider.

Review your phone service:

If you have changed your services recently and didn’t get the broadband internet, you can use the dial-up feature as it will not work with the services offered by cable companies.

Check your physical phone connection:

You can look for a loose cable or cord that can cause trouble. If you find any issue to need to fix it.

By unplugging all phone devices:

If the problem persists even after these methods you need to unplug all the phone devices in your home and connect the only modem and then try to access the internet if its works reconnect all the phones.

By restarting your computer and modem:

You can solve this issue by restarting your computer and modem. After switching it the off wait for a few minutes then turns it on again.

Try to visit the sites with different browser:

You need to check whether you can access websites with different browser because the problem may be associated with the browser.

Recheck your username and password:

It is the most common reason behind the issue when users enter their username and password again and again.

Get customer support for further assistance:

These proven methods that are mentioned above are simple enough to solve your problems at earliest in an easy way, but sometimes the problem can be more specific so you need to call at aol customer care phone number where you will be getting the prominent solutions easily.

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