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 Greece, officially referred to as the Greece . it's a sovereign country of the ecu Union, which is found valiantly between three continents - Africa, Asia, and Europe. Its strategic location gives it a specific attraction that creates it a tourist gem in Europe.

 Tourist information of Greece:

 The Hellenic country borders on the south with the Mediterranean , on the east and west borders the Aegean and therefore the Ionian Sea respectively.

 This makes it one among the most destinations to enjoy the sun and therefore the sea. Its geographical location adds great climatic privileges, especially in its coastal regions where its summers are cool and warm.

 The world-renowned land of Helen of Troy has hooked in to its history for hundreds of years . That history remains present altogether its corners and a few of the places where you'll enjoy old Greece - the cities of Corfu, Athens, Delphi, Macedonia, Crete, Peloponnese, Rhodes, among others.

 These cities keep a crucial a part of the traditional history of Greece. Today, this archaeological treasure is one among the most tourist attractions of this country and even of Europe. Places just like the Teatro Dionisio, the Temple of Poseidon, the Acropolis of Athens or the Temple of Zeus are just a few of the monuments that tell the story of the Hellenic country.

 Cultural and tourist heritage:

Benefiting from the rich heritage of ancient Greece, this destination is filled with priceless treasures that bear witness to all or any eras and are of extraordinary variety. Each site has its history, its characteristics, its surprises that you simply only need to discover while Sailing yacht charter from island to island because of the catamaran rental and sailing holidays. albeit tourists are numerous, you'll discover lost places, coves with turquoise water where the change of scenery is assured.

 Gastronomy to discover:

Your holiday with Catamaran charter Greece also will be a chance to get Greek gastronomy. The seaside cuisine is rich in fish and octopus, amid the inevitable salad with olives and feta cheese and appetizers: taramosalata, stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki.

 The desserts are rich in honey and almonds. the foremost typical is that the chou pastry and therefore the Salonica halva. The water is extremely healthy in Greece which has hot springs. The national drinks are ouzo (marc distilled with anise seeds), Cretan raki (brandy) and wine, red, white and rose.

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