Top Benefits of Having Videos in Your Website

Increase the popularity of your web page by adding videos to it. When used correctly, it can be a huge bonus for your business. However, before you include a video on your page, you must know the purpose of doing it. Are you trying to communicate a complicated concept to your user? Are you trying to educate them? Are you trying to entertain them? Whatever the reason may be, you can select the right web design company and ask them what video will go well with your website and best suits your purpose.

Videos are Simple to Create

If you have all the necessary tools to create a video then you are pretty much sorted. Make use of built-in cameras and microphones in laptops to create simple videos. Another alternative is to convert PowerPoint presentations into videos and upload on social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare etc.

Here are top 8 benefits of having a video on your web site:

1. Videos Help Broaden Your Viewer Base
People respond differently to social media. While some prefer to read the content others prefer to hear it and there are still others who like to watch it. So, by including videos on your web page, you tend to appeal to a larger mass thereby increasing your viewer base.

2. Video Adds a Personal Touch
Through words, you are able to convey only a part of the message but with video, you can show much more. You can show your viewers the real you and therefore connect with them in a better way. More engagement means more subscribers which will eventually lead to more customers and ultimately more revenue.

3. Improves Search Engine Rankings
Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are increasingly including online videos in their search algorithms. To increase your chances of showing up in the search engines results, include the right keywords. This will not only improve your website rankings but also your video rankings will improve drastically.

4. Upload Videos on YouTube
You will be surprised to know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. What's more, fewer people upload their videos on YouTube which means that there is less competition. Upload your videos on YouTube and you will have a chance to have one leg up in the competition. You can also share your videos on YouTube. If your viewers like your video, they will share it with their friends and thus your popularity will grow online.

5. Repurpose Important Content with Videos
So, you have a lot of content on your website with great articles, reviews, testimonials, interviews and more. It is high time you create videos of it all. It is the easiest way to repurpose your content. You can also

* Convert audio into a podcast
* Upload a presentation on SlideShare and link it to your LinkedIn and Facebook pages as well.
* Write a blog post about the video
* Do a follow up on the comments or questions you get on your video
* Make a presentation of snippets

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