TMS – SA Is A Portable Road Traffic Counter

Traffic management is a very important part of the way we live our lives. Traffic is a major cause of problem in many metropolitan cities due to constant increase in population and urbanization. The increase in population along with the need to sustain has led to a major shift in our day to day life especially in terms of traffic. The drastic change in our modern lifestyle and the constant need to travel has given birth to this problem that we call traffic now. People waste a lot of their time in traffic and it would help the government as well as urban planners to have a one stopsolution that helps them understand the kind of influx of vehicles they could expect in a particular area so they could analyze and plan accordingly. Modern problems require modern solutions and we have done exactly that with the help of technology. Mobile traffic counters were introduced as part of a solution to help manage traffic in order to plan cities better or have effective and sustainable urbanization.

The TMS – SA is a portable road traffic counter which is used as a solution to the problems that we face because of traffic and bad traffic management. This product is a small, portable counter which only weighs 6-7 kgs and is above the ground. It comes with a very robust body and is very easy to install. The one feature that sets it apart is its enabled Bluetooth configuration which helps you connect it and set it up using your Android smartphone. This also increases the safety of the installers since it is above the ground and quick to install. The battery life for this product can last up to three weeks and the inbuilt memory has the capability to store a million measurements. The Doppler radar helps the TMS – SA to classify the traffic based on length categories. This product is widely used in local neighborhoods as well as urban development areas. The ADT or Average Daily Traffic is an important unit in traffic management as it helps keep a track of regular traffic movement in that area. The TMS – SA can help point out blind spots and conduct periodic attendance studies.

This product can be used at road construction sites, urban development sites and frequentation studies. Local residents ideally prefer the TMA – SA because it is a silent product, non-intrusive and discrete. The added advantage of having a Bluetooth enabled traffic road counter makes it very attractive to urban planners as well. It can be used on two lanes hence the measurement of traffic by direction of travel makes it all the more needed. The TMA – SA has the capability to be installedup to 8 m high which makes it flexible in a lot of ways where it could be used to its full capacity. The government and urban planners are regularly looking for easy, hassle free solutions to their traffic management woes and the TMA – SA delivers right on those pain points.

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