Tips to choose the Best Turkish Restaurant Abu Dhabi

The city of Abu Dhabi known for its cordiality and plush ambience offers a wide variety of cuisines which one can savour and relish. Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is known for an assortment of enjoyable and delectable items on their menu. Intricate and multi-cuisine facilities to accommodate to the culinary ranges and gourmet tendencies of a diverse range of patrons and their varying necessities are a significant component of any wide-ranging infrastructure. You can enjoy your meal in a lush green setting or can choose a traditional setting in Arabic style and relish a widespread range of exotic Turkish flavours and drinks, or some special pilaf preparations made with some of most scrumptious, juicy vegetables and pine nuts.

Turkish fare offers a medley of elements and flavours. Turkish Restaurant Abu Dhabi offers you an exotic array of breakfast ranging from the distinctive and well-known Turkish dishes to healthy brunches. From Ankara Tava - Sauted lamb cubes, minted labneh, onion and tomato to Turkish Pilaf or Kofte - Grilled meatballs served with fries, white rice and grilled fresh vegetables. Kasarli Kofte - Kashar cheese filled meatballs served with fries, white rice and grilled fresh vegetables you will be definitely spoilt for choice. You can also try out   Chicken Topkapi which is sort of Chicken breast filled with special rice pilaf and tomato sauce, mint and basil.

There are various types of beverages which you can choose from. For those preferring Turkish Tea, there are luscious varieties. Moreover there is Mint Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Selection of mixed Tea, Turkish Coffee, Americano, Espresso, Double Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte/Turkish Latte and Decaf Coffee. Turkish coffee is special. Not because it tastes good, but especially for its care and love that is put into the preparation and consumption of it. Coffee has a very special meaning to the Turkish people and to their land’s culture.

Yet again similar to the assortment of beverages the main course in Turkish restaurant also offers an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It is said that a meal is not complete without a lovely and pleasant dessert. The Turkish cookery is a delightful arrangement of some of the finest and genius recipes around the world. Accordingly it offers a collection of equally appetizing and pleasing sweet course. You can select from an extensive range of savoury and sweet pastries. However the most loved and sought after dessert from the Turkish culinary is the Baklava. It is made up of specially selected dry fruits.

For a beautiful and sumptuous experience of Turkish Food Abu Dhabi you can check out Saraydan Restaurant in Abu Dhabi which is renowned for delicious Turkish cuisine for lovers of good food.


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