Three Killer Tips to Increase Your Home Improvement Leads

Home improvement leadscan feel tough to come by, and when you're jostling for attention alongside smaller companies with lower overheads and lower price points, defining yourself can seem a challenge too far.
For this, you need the right strategy. So here are three fresh tips for uncovering a previously hidden supply of UK home improvement leads.

1. Start blogging (and stick to it)

Home improvement leads take a while to warm up - potential clients must come to trust your word, see your expertise and regard you as an authority when it comes to your industry. All of which is no small feat. Blogging can tackle each of these challenges - but you must carefully consider your audience - their concerns, considerations and goals. Could you help them in planning a new kitchen by writing about 2017 trends and technologies? Could you assist those soon to be extending, with a guide about planning rules and regulations? It is content such as this that is genuinely valuable to clients who could become your next home improvement lead.

2. Make the most of your blogs (which are really business assets) with solid SEO

Home improvement leads are out there, searching for services exactly like yours, right now. SEO (the art of optimising your website for the search engines) will help these individuals come across your website, rather than your competitors (SEO will also ensure that your blogs are working as hard as they can for your business). This beginner's guide to SEO will equip you well for taking your first fledgling steps in this arena.

3. Invest in direct mail marketing

We'll let you in on a secret - to secure optimal numbers of home improvement leads you need to employ a selection of both digital and 'real-world' marketing mediums. Namely this could be blogging, SEO and direct mail marketing. And if you're cold and unconvinced as to the power of direct mail, try these stats on for size...
"59% of people enjoy receiving mail about relevant services and products"
"70 percent say mail is more personal than the internet"
"Direct mail generates a motivation score 20 percent higher than digital media"
"The average ROI for direct mail campaigns is between 18 and 20 percent"

Sound like a whole lot of hard work? We won't lie - marketing that drives UK home improvement leads to your phone lines or email inbox is tough. If you'd rather concentrate on what you do best, and leaveyour marketing to the experts, we're on hand when you need us.

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