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The rent roll broker is Business Broker, specializing exclusively in selling roll-income portfolios and the actual practices of real estate agencies in Australia.
Our consultants have extensive practical experience in the real estate industry and are renowned for their industry knowledge and experience.
We place great importance on customer service and are committed to providing solutions to their business needs in a timely and professional manner.
Businesses for Sale and Rentals
Whether you are looking to sell its portfolio of income or roll of agency practice, acquire, merge or arrange for the succession planning of your business, or preparing for sale, the process can be very anxious and consumed long. In dealing with the Broker rent roll, you will receive personal assistance, expert, discreet and confidential information and support they need.
You can register online as a buyer or seller by clicking the tabs at the top of this page. As a buyer can select their choice of Residential, Commercial, Industrial rental, lease or strata management of the Community and the price range or number of properties required.
THE RENT ROLL BROKER is pleased to be able to provide and manage this database sales and rental agency portfolio selling rolls within Australia.

This very detailed information is provided by the broker RENT ROLL, Appraisers selected banks in an effort to make the evaluation and assessment of this very specific market with ease and precision.
THE RENT ROLL BROKER is constantly looking for companies and agencies roll-income portfolios to put on the market for sale.

By choosing to sell through RB RENT ROLL, which is engaging the services of professional riders who have experience in agency practice and experience in business sales. THE RENT ROLL BROKER also have a large database of real estate managers that can be marketed directly, easily and instantly eliminating the need for marketing programs and more expensive.

THE RENT ROLL BROKER undertake to ensure that all negotiations are kept completely confidential, while providing you with an assessment of your business sales for consideration.

Registration for the evaluation of the business is free! and there is no obligation.
If you believe your organization can contribute and benefit from the information provided can apply for "Corporate Membership" through AGENT FOR RENT ROLL.
However, your organization must sign an agreement to provide information to the database and comply with its terms and conditions of use.
If you think your company or organization meets the requirements to become a corporate member ", please contact us using the form below.

A common question we are asked by the directors of the agency, "is that no single KPI within the area of property management which is an indicator of profitability?" Much has been said about how to be more profitable, especially with the maximization of market share, and this is certainly one of the secrets to strong profit growth. The other side, of course, is to minimize expenses, and management of the property which is the key number of expenditure incurred by the department? Wages and salaries! Can represent between 40% to 50% of total expenditures of a department of property management.

So let's look at the KPI forget that allows you to monitor improvement in profitability on an ongoing basis. Yes, the KPI is the income produced by each member of the management of the property.

It is important to start from scratch and determine or define who should be included as personal property management? The property managers are clearly included, but what about leasing a manager or management perhaps even the receptionist who spends time helping with the activities of property management?. So you have to include all staff who have an active role in the department of time, even if not full. Finally, do not forget himself as the chief, if you spend 25% of their time in managing the property, then you need a list as 0.25 of an employee of the management of the property.

Now, having defined the total workforce for the department all you have to do is divide the gross income by the number of staff. This will give a dollar value of revenue per staff member, therefore, this figure becomes the starting point for future reference changes. The secret, of course, is to see now how you can increase the dollar value of income per staff member.

Some simple ideas would,.
The incorporation of new technology to become more efficient.
To streamline the staff through reorganization of the activities of their departments.
Look at reducing the costs of other departments.

In our seminars that have been participating agents evaluate their agencies, including revenue per staff member and believe me, the variation is quite surprising.

However, it is not so important as to how it compares to the agent down the street as to what will be done by passing through its agency, working in the rooms to maximize revenues and minimize costs to achieve our KPI forgotten (income per property manager) that goes up every month and every year so you can be sure you're maximizing the profitability of your agency.

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