The laundry label provides for risk-free washing:

The A and O for washing clothes and thus the basic tips and care instructions, we carry around with us every day. We find them on the laundry label, which is usually attached to the back of the upper hem.

Super informative and easy to understand, it helps us to avoid unsightly and ruined clothes by washing them wrong. Here you will learn one of the most essential factors that will make your laundry, for example, do not enter. The wash temperature is crucial for keeping clothes size and not overly losing color brilliance.

Sort laundry by color and fabric:

The physically "exhausting" is in addition to lifting the laundry mountain in the washing machine, sorting the clothes in advance. You should separate white, colorful, fine and wool/silk.

Garments with delicate fibers, such as natural cotton bottoms, cloth coats or synthetic fiber blouses, are delicates. Easy-care items include socks, trousers, T-shirts, shirts or blouses. Towels, cotton sheets, pajamas or underwear fall into the category of "normal" laundry. Provided they are not made of synthetic or silk. Now, all we have to do is sort the mixture into colorful and white.

Stains should be pretreated:

According to New York Laundry service, visible stains can be treated in advance with a special agent so that the entire wash load does not have to be washed hotter or with more detergent because of a single stain. Ecological footprint and such.

Use the correct detergent:

In order to preserve the material of your clothes in the best possible way, use correspondingly full, color, fine or wool detergents. Take into account the respective dosage recommendation.

If it's not just fine and wool laundry, you can load the washing machine properly, but never stuff it to the stop. Several types of laundry in one load? Clear! In this case, however, the program and detergent type should be selected for the most delicate textile of your full load.

Note: Did you know the jeans should not be washed with fabric softener. Fabric softener makes the fibers softer, the jeanswear out and loses their one so great fit.

Energy-efficient washing:

So that not so much energy is wasted senselessly and the earthworks a few more days, should be washed at low temperatures. 40 degrees is often enough.

If you want to remove any kind of stains from any kind of clothes or fabrics, you can use New York Laundry service.


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