The correct cleaning of offices by professionals

There are various methods of cleaning surfaces, which are aimed at maintaining and conserving them. Depending on the type and condition of the surface, certain methods will be carried out and with the frequency that corresponds to them.

But the most frequent office cleaning Canberra operations are those that are carried out daily. In the following pages, we are going to distinguish several cleaning techniques that we can perform in offices.

We will separate these techniques one by one and we will know all the parameters that we can find to be able to carry out the most appropriate Cleaning services Canberra for each surface.

Furniture cleaning:

Removing dirt and dust is a very important task, among other reasons:

- When we come across a surface where dust has settled, it gives us an impression of dirt.
- Dust is a transmitter and propagator of microorganisms.
- It causes allergies in some people.
- Dust can make it difficult for precision machines or installations to function properly.

Cleaning the surfaces is a task of great importance, not only for aesthetics but also, as we have already mentioned, for health reasons.
Vacuum cleaners, dusters, and clothes treated with cleaning solutions will be used to remove dust. We must always find the best way to work, saving time, and unnecessary effort.

In an office, we can identify different types of furniture:

- Upholstered furniture.
- Metal or synthetic tables, shelves, and cabinets:
- Computers, printers, copiers, telephones, etc.
- Various objects.

Upholstered furniture:

They are a bit complicated to clean since they are covered with textile, leather, or synthetic leather that in many cases absorb dirt, making it almost impossible to obtain a good result.

In chairs, sofas, armchairs, etc., if the covering of the seat, backrest, and armrests is textiles, it will be vacuumed daily using a vacuum cleaner.

Periodically, it must be cleaned with a shampoo solution or with specific products for textiles. By taking special care not to over-wet the seat or the covered part, since the sponge it contains inside can expel dirt when wet, staining the upholstery exterior.

Synthetic tables, shelves, and cabinets:

To clean these surfaces, the best technique is to simply use soap and water. A good microfiber cloth moistened in a solution with neutral detergent leaves it perfect.

If you do not want to take this stress to clean it on your own, we recommend hiring professional cleaning services Canberra.


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