The best tips to decorate a small house

Your house is small and you have no idea how to decorate it with house interior design? When you live in a small space, what you need most are closets to store all those things that you accumulate over time. 

That appearance of comfort, organization, and spaciousness has to be accompanied by a simple decoration that does not neglect the use of colors, accessories with a chic touch and of course furniture with double functionality.

To help you give life to each of those spaces that make up your home, the house interior design experts have given the best tricks to decorate an apartment, studio or loft when they have little space. 

1. Monochromatic walls: 

In the renovation of the small space, single-tone painting minimizes interruptions and promotes visual continuity. Although white and light colors are the most recommended to give that feeling of spaciousness, dark tones also work perfectly as long as they are accompanied by adequate lighting. 

Another important point is to apply the same color to all surfaces of the space including baseboards, doors, and moldings to achieve the effect of fading the boundaries of the walls. If the floors are dark, the carpets help lighten them.

2. Focal point: 

Design a point of visual impact that leads you to focus on the design rather than the size of the space. Be it a decorated mirror, an antique lamp or an art wall. The eye of your guests is directed to that point and then through the rest of the space.

3. Simple color scheme: 

Choose a simple color palette and use it throughout the space. When adding or editing the room, decisions should always be based on which ones best match you. For example, if you have a beige sofa, look for pillows in green, deep blue or mustard yellow tones to energize the environment.

4. Minimizes visual distractions: 

Find furniture that allows you to store everything unnecessary, but leave in evidence the decorative elements that you want to highlight. Natural, bleached woods, white lacquers, earth, neutral and glass are perfect. These - the woods - do not have to be straight, the rounded soften any place.

5. Quality & scale: 

In house plans, this is an important point to consider. Carefully select quality pieces and visual impact instead of many small pieces. Make sure that each selection reinforces the style and adds something to the composition. 

The vinyl, being stuck on the wall, have no volume and never saturate. The key is to choose works of art that bring light. For example, a photograph that provides depth or has abstract motifs that are presented in simple frames.


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