The best tips for children to prevent from cyberbullying

Cyberbullying expert has prepared these guidelines for school children. Read on, it is very much important for children as well as for parents.

Tips for elementary school children:

Keep online socialization to a minimum: Let your children use sites where chat messages are pre-written or filtered before being sent.
Explain the basics of correct behavior on the internet: Tell your children that things such as lying, telling secrets and being cruel hurt both online and in person.

Tell them not to share their passwords with their friends: One of the forms of Internet bullying happens when children enter the email account or another's a social network and send fake messages or post shameful comments. 

Children can protect themselves from this if they learn from the beginning that passwords are private and should only be shared with their parents. It is also advisable to take guidance from bullying expert.

Tips for middle school children and teenagers:

Control the use of devices: See what they are posting, check their text messages from time to time and let them know that you are attentive to their activities.

Tell them what to do if they are victims of cyberbullying: They should not respond or retaliate. They should block who is attacking them immediately and inform you or an adult they trust. 

They should not delete the messages, because in persistent cases the content must be reported to the cell phone provider, the Internet service provider or the social network.

If your child is a cyberbully, establish strict consequences and enforce them: Your child should understand that making cruel or sexual comments about teachers, friends, and relatives is not acceptable.

Don't start what you don't want to end: Chat in online games and virtual worlds can get ugly quickly. Make sure your children are respectful because hurtful reprisals occur all the time. Consider limiting the chat so that they only communicate with people they know or block it completely if necessary.

Tips for high school teens:

Tell your children to think before sharing: At this age, teenagers experiment with all kinds of activities, many of which should not be made public. Anything they post can be misused by another person.

Remind them that they are not big enough not to ask for help: There are things that some teenagers can handle on their own, but sometimes they just need help. Resorting to your parents is not childish - It is safe.


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