The best and easy method to wash your bathrobe:

You own a new bathrobe and enjoy its uniqueness. The design and the fresh colors are a feast for the eyes. The material is cuddly and fluffy soft, absorbent and skin-friendly. You enjoy this comfortable fit and feel just fine.

But the day comes when this absolute dream feel-good bathrobe has to be washed. Then the question arises: how?

If you observe some important rules of conduct when washing your bathrobe, you will be guaranteed a very long and enjoyable time with your new favorite piece.

The right detergent:

According to Laundry Pick up, it is best to wash your new bathrobe before wearing it for the first time, and not just for hygienic reasons. The chemical residues still contained in the substance must be rinsed out.

To protect the colors and luminosity of your bathrobe, it needs a good color detergent, which counteracts the leakage of the colors. In contrast to the heavy-duty detergent, it does not contain bleach or optical brighteners.

It is highly advised by Laundry Pick up, only dose the prescribed amount of detergent. Over or underdosing of the detergent can damage the bathrobe.

A softener is usually not necessary unless you have a regionally high water hardness. Then you should take care to dose the softener as low as possible. The absorbency of your bathrobe could otherwise suffer.

If you have a tumble dryer at your disposal, this is the gentlest alternative for your bathrobe. If your bathrobe is suitable for use with a dryer, it should be dried at low temperature and allowed to dry on a coat hanger. So you can safely do without the fabric softener.

But not everyone has a tumble dryer available or not everyone wants to use energy for it. You can also add a small amount of citric acid or vinegar in the detergent compartment and then enjoy a cuddly soft and absorbent bathrobe.

The material is crucial:

For a proper wash of your bathrobe, it is crucial to know from which material the garment is made.

If you have a bathrobe made of terry, then you will find that after several washes, the terry loops become more and more firm and completely firm. As a result, the lint problem has an end quickly.

To keep the colors fresh, you should always follow the washing recommendation of the manufacturer, but it is assumed that the bathrobe must be washed at least 60 C to ensure colorfastness.

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