The advantages of marking, cutting and laser engraving

The use of laser marking is more appropriate if we want to maintain a permanent and indelible mark. There are different types of laser sources such as glass, fiber and CO2 or gas.

There are several ranges of industrial engraving on the market. The cutting of certain materials, such as acrylic, requires additional or specific accessories, such as a special support.

Quality work, powerful graphic design software is necessary. Of course, the Electrical branding iron machine is controlled by a computer.

London electric branding iron is processes that are practiced without contact with the material to be treated. It is very possible to make marks on an inclined plane as well as in places of difficult access with a mechanical method.

There is no mechanical effort to exert on the product. We are far from the time when mechanical machines with moving parts were needed for cutting and marking. Today, laser printing machines are used with maximum efficiency and less risk.

The use of the electric branding iron allows great precision during drawing. The fineness of the lines is incomparable. The best known brands are always black and white.

Depending on the materials used, it is possible to make color marks. In the end, visual rendering is a guaranteed success. In addition, the market offers laser machines that are easy to use.

As part of the cutting work, the use of the laser offers advantages such as material savings, the absence of deformation of the treated product or the absence of tools. The use of laser machines guarantees precision work in a very short time.

In a highly competitive environment, companies are forced to seek perfection. To meet this need, the use of embossing heat tool ensures high speed and high print quality. For companies that produce equipment, the laser can mark plastic or metal supports.

It is important to know that each type of material reacts differently when it is processed by laser. Acrylic, for example, is easy to process, even at high speeds.

Once this type of material has been treated with laser, its possibilities of use are very varied. Acrylic is generally used in the design of displays or luminous signs.

Rubber treatment requires good practices for greater efficiency. You have to record from the bottom up. In this way, dust and rubber parts are removed by the extraction system.


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