Take care of these points while washing linen at home:

If you have linen clothe and it needs to wash, the best and safe option is to use laundry on demand service. However, the following tips will be helpful to you, if you are planning to wash it at home.

At what temperature can I wash linen?

It all depends on whether the fabric is natural, dyed or printed - the ideal temperature can be between 30 and 90 degrees.

With which detergent should I wash linen?

This too depends on how the fabric is processed - colorful clothing requires detergents other than natural.

How do I dry linen properly?

Linen clothes and clothing from the fabric should never be put in the dryer but must be hung up or spread out.

When you wash linen, the fabric just keeps getting more beautiful and brighter. That's true if you do everything right. How to properly wash, dry and treat linen fabric is explained here.

1. Linen is a natural fiber that requires special treatment:

From the fiber of the flax, the light and breathable fabric is made, which enjoys great popularity especially in summer: linen dresses, linen pants, and linen shirts are just the things in the heat. However, you should pay attention to drying, and the creases that form quickly in the fabric are difficult to remove. A short tip can be found in this video:

2. This is how you can wash linen:

The natural fiber tolerates even high temperatures. However, if it is colored or printed, you should pay attention to the washing instructions sewn in the garment. In addition, linen needs a lot of water. Therefore, do not use a savings program, but one that consumes large amounts of water. Which program is suitable depends on the type of laundry.

3. How to wash undyed linen:

Linen which has its natural color or was dyed white, you can clean in the cooking cycle. Use a heavy-duty detergent in powder form. So the bed linen is hygienically clean again.

Other undyed linen fabrics withstand temperatures of 60 degrees in the delicate cycle with a mild detergent. It cannot leak color, and the plant fiber is not affected by the high temperatures.

According to laundry on demand service, you can put fine pieces in a pillowcase before washing, or you can use a laundry net for the machine. However, you do not need to do the spin cycle - or you only throw the laundry at the lowest level for a short time.


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