Relocate to Saskatchewan, the pearl in Canada

Canada is a vast country with many provinces. It is a country which is beautiful in many ways. Canada provides many opportunities for foreign skilled professionals and businessmen to move to the country. Canada’s immigration policies have been heralded during the recent past. With Canada’s economy re-opening slowly, the country is regaining its hold back. It has since, increased taking up cases for immigrations. To relocate to Canada it is important to work with the right immigration firm who provide best Canada PR services in India. Canada has defined numerous immigration programs which can be used by the immigrants to relocate to Canada. One of them is the Provincial Nominee Program.

Skilled Professionals are always required at all times by the business houses and Canada is open to welcome foreign skilled professionals into the country. One of the foremost immigration visa programs that are used by most of the foreign skilled professionals is the Canada Skilled Migrant Visa. With this visa one can relocate to Canada and obtain permanent residency and work on the best opportunities there.

Provincial Nominee Program –

Provinces in Canada are many. The main intention behind Provincial Nominee Program is that the provinces can choose the right personnel who would fit in with the Province and accommodate self-there. To facilitate provinces with choosing the right person, Canada came up with Provincial Nominee Program. With Provincial Nominee Program, one can earn nomination from the province and utilize the same to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada. Each of the provinces has a defined set of immigration programs. One such province is the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program –

Saskatchewan is one of the 10 provinces of Canada which provides nomination for the immigrants. Saskatchewan is surrounded by land on all sides. Saskatchewan has vibrant economy with its economy being supported by minerals and oil & gas industries. The province has numerous job opportunities. The province has the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. There are more and more companies settling in Saskatchewan. The province has large land tracts which help plan businesses better.

Saskatchewan province provides salaries to its working class just as competitive as big cities like Toronto. Although the living cost in Saskatchewan is much more less in comparison with other provinces. The province is showing a steady economic growth of 4% every year. It is being considered as the second fastest growing province in Canada.

The immigration policies in Saskatchewan are favorable. Skilled professionals with right education and experience can easily relocate to Saskatchewan and are welcome there. More and more people prefer to relocate to Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has also come up with Graduate retention program to ensure students from Saskatchewan get recruited within the province. Saskatchewan PNP brings about many immigration programs to get the right personnel into the province. Saskatchewan province chooses the personal for the province depending on the current openings in the province.


Saskatchewan Program for Immigrants –

  1. International Skilled Worker Application (SINP) – There are again multiple pathways defined under this program. One of the programs work in tandem with Canada PR Express Entry System.
  2. International Skilled Worker EOI System
  3. Entrepreneur and Farm Categories

Interested immigrants will have to create their profile in the IRCC’s Express Entry System. Once the profile is accepted into the Express Entry Pool, the immigrant will receive a Profile number and Job Seeker validation code.

Once the profile is created, the applicant needs to complete all the required documents, both provincial and federal forms.

An application Or Expression of Interest should be submitted along with supporting documents.

Based on the application, the immigrant aspirant should receive Invitation to Apply for nomination. Once the aspirant receives the same, he or she should proceed to submit the application.

Based on the application, the aspirant receives the nomination from the province with help of which the aspirant proceeds to apply for Permanent Residency with Canada’s IRCC.

As mentioned above the province welcomes Entrepreneurs who would want to migrate to the Saskatchewan. High net worth individuals move to Canada through Canada PR for Entrepreneurs program.

It is best to work with experienced ICCRC registered immigration firm to relocate to Saskatchewan.




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