Relationships in This Digital Age

One thing I, the Digital Love Doctor will often do is take you on a different plain. The Headings might have you thinking what I may have to say, but the reading will surprise you.
Before I discuss on 'Relationships in this Digital Age' I must call your attention to the fact that there happens to be no other Age where life is more demanding than this current Age. No matter who you are, there is always that call or responsibility: those expectations you are supposed to answer. Also, your reputation precedes you. Your reputation is a buildup of how you handled your relationships: be it with people, material things, and easiest dispositions. So the combination of scarce resources, high competition, easy replacement, many options and reputation add up to make our complex and high demanding society I call the Digital Age.
The above Intro sets us on the pace to discuss Relationships in this Digital Age. I hope you understand and maybe agree with me. For then we can flow and share, not just talk about Relationships in this Digital Age. However, what and how is Relationship in this Digital Age?
Relationship in this Digital Age is the invincible string that connects everything to you. It is the summary of your dispositions to anything that relates to you. This is the Age where the question is all rounded who, what, and how you are to make your bed with others, not just how you are with people. Relationship should just explain your life with people, but in this Age, it has gone far to include your life without people: your life with things, your life when no one is there, your choices and options. The sum up of you is your reputation and image that people have in their minds, and thereby relate with you. What you do and how you do whatever you do, what is said of you, and how people talk or see you goes ahead to make or destroy you. What is said or conceived of you might be wrong or right, but it goes on ahead to affect you, and your relationship with people.
The most intriguing part is that our relationships are made with humans and materials alike, and our images go before us for people to judge us before we even say a word. When else did it really matter? When again in the world was it that what is done in remote villages can come up in the open, and all know about it within seconds - the power of digital technology. Everything goes on to matter. This and many more, make this age the most demanding Ages of all times. Everything just matters. Relationship is complex and overboard, but we must live and thrive - the essence of this writing.
Before I mention how we can relate and thrive in this Age, I have to mention what makes relationship more complex and difficult: the realities we love that have evolved in time, with every facet and element that makes up our world. Think and pay attention to remember:
Our mind-set of freedom and democracy and individualism adds fuel to the complex demanding Digital Relationship. Earlier in the times of slavery or tyranny, you will simply succumb to dictates of your lords knowing it is the way of life that you have to respect if you want to live. Now our freedom and liberties have yielded fierce struggles by all to live their lives the way it pleases. These struggles have made many alert and aggressive that if you seem to abuse their privileges, or insecure your rights in any way, you could pay for it. Your own brother could charge you to court. Your own wife could hold you to ransom. Everyone is watching out for himself or herself, in a way that though relationship is important, people mind their own needs first - selfish or altruistic. There are many laws to protect individuality, and many channels to report abuses to the world. When else was it this serious in the history of humankind?
The hints above are more of a breakdown to open your mind than discourage you or tell you how difficult life is now. Take the juice that relationship in the Digital Age is with everything than just with people you know and talk with. And be rest assured that there is always a way out is situations. Let us learn of our reality first by accepting things as they are, then we fashion out our ways of dealing with them. It starts with our talking about it as it is, and then the natural human instincts to survive will take over to find ways we can live on and thrive.
Well, what I have to add is not much. The deed in this case is the reception effect - How I could conjure your thoughts to open up. How your mind about relationships could embrace all its elements, not just how you relate with people. Relationship is that string that connects everything to you. It may seem that what people say or think about you does not matter, but it makes or breaks you. The same way you envision, analyze, scrutinize things or people before you go to them, before you are attracted to them, before you choose them; is the very same way people perceive, analyze and scrutinize you. And since we cannot really live in isolation, it just has to matter what we put out there for people to know or think about us, especially if we must meet our daily and conjugal needs and be happy. If you mind your ways from today, you will value your dispositions to choose and trade careful enough. You will enhance your relationships from within you that without you will be taken care of. Handling your relationships from within you really is the key, but it is more in deeds than it is in words. Only, do not be scared that there is so much to it.
The reward of living in the Digital Age is that things are fast and easy. The fact that there are complex and advanced technologies is mind-blowing. But the GOOD-NEWS is that you are also complex and advanced. We are all products of our Ages and evolution. We are smarter than our ancestors were. Some of us don't just know. You can thrive in your relationships. You can always have that smile. Why not think of the things that always make you smile and see how you can live by those things unselfishly, for a start. The truth is that if you follow what makes you smile unselfishly, you could have a reputation for smiling always and therefore attract people who want that positive smile, and there you go relating with people and even affecting them. It is easy and simple. Just learn how it works from the standpoint that everything matters, and it starts with you.
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