Portugal Golden Visa Program

Portugal Golden Visa Program is a 5 year Permanent residency program that the Government of Portugal allots to all those high net-worth investors who invest in one of the 5 options provided by the Government of Portugal. This program is applicable only to the Non-European Union country citizens. The investment that the investor makes into Portugal needs to be maintained for a period of 5 years and then can be disposed as required. It is one of the best immigration programs in Europe. This visa program can lead to the investor obtaining citizenship in Portugal.

Portugal is known for its high net worth and its beautiful locations. The country has also been able to maintain their rich culture and heritage. Portugal is a rich, stable and growing economy. Portugal’s economy is defined by its exports, numerous manufacturing industries, tourism and agriculture.  Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most sought after European Investment Immigration programs. It is fast gaining more prominence than any other immigration program.

The program has been eased in many ways. The process is quicker now. The program requires that the investor visits the country for a period of 8 days during the first year and second year. The investor can choose to stay in the country for a minimum period of 14 days during the next 3 years. The investor has 5 pathways that he can choose to invest in Portugal.

  1. The investor can choose to invest into approved funds a minimum of €350,000. The investor can choose to invest in acquisition of units of investment funds, Venture capital funds or any other approved capital funds for companies. This investment should be maintained for a period of at least 5 years.
  2. The investor can choose to invest in the real estate of Portugal. If it is a new development, the minimum investment required is €500,000 and if the development is 30 years old, then the minimum investment required is €350,000 along with an acceptance to undertake enhancements or changes in the building. This investment should be again maintained for 5 years. Post this period, the property can be sold.
  3. The investor can otherwise choose to invest in an SME which could generate a minimum of 10 jobs for the local citizens in Portugal.
  4. The investor can choose to make a donation to the Government authorized organizations which directly work for the protection and maintenance of the culture and heritage of Portugal.
  5. The investor can choose to become angel investor for any Research and development project being undertaken either in Portugal or France. The investor has the freewill to choose which R&D project he intends to invest in. Investor will have the right to get an updates about the R&D project at regular intervals. This is one of the cheapest ways to relocate to Europe

With Portugal Golden Visa the investor qualifies to access the whole of Schengen area. Portugal has a high quality living and provides low-cost healthcare system. The local population of Portugal is very friendly and welcomes foreigners with open hands. Portugal is regarded as one of the safest countries to live in as the country has very low violent cases.

Investment immigrations are a very important way of expansion programs. It requires that one takes the decision as diligently as possible as it involves huge amount of money. It is advisable that such decisions are taken after proper advice and guidance is sought from international investment immigration experts like XIPHIAS. These programs are sleek and require good amount of attention to ensure successful migration, hence a strong advice is mandatory.

Source: https://www.apsense.com/article/portugal-golden-visa-program.html.



Portugal Golden Visa Program

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