Night and Day: Maintaining a Good Relationship

Night and Day as used here represent the good and bad times. The time you can work and the time you cannot work. I am trying to explain that there is time for everything and a season for every purpose. I want to give you hope by relieving you if you are experiencing a bad time - the good time always will come - Day after Night. And also let you know that you should always prepare for the night or bad times.
There is a time to build and a time to rest or a time you cannot build. There is always that time things go wrong. It never stays the same as we may want it to. It changes. If it changes in our favor we are happy, but if it is against our favor we are sad, but such is life. But we can learn how we can always have things go our way, by first preparing our minds.
There have been wonderful relationships, deeply in love couples, but when the stormy nights come, everything change and the relationships no more... Many wonder how it went wrong, many no longer believe in the love they once found to be beautiful, because they did not see the Night come.
But NO!
In business many prepare against the night and somehow succeed and lead a thriving business, why not people expect the Night of relationships too? I ask myself and answered that many do not see the risk of losing in relationships too. And once again I find myself right in the wrong place again. Fear is good. We fear we would lose money and insure, take necessary precautions to help us. Why not we do same in Relationship?
I may not tell how you can take precautions now to have a good relationship, but I will eventually. What I want now is have you know and be conscious that things can go wrong and things can also go right afterwards. I don't want you to just freak out and end your relationships because you can get pass the night - after the darkest night comes day. Time is always moving and would give you that change always, just understand the Course of Night and Day changes and take it easy on you.
I will add that you watch out for the change of clouds. Be careful to notice when you or your partner is getting bored. Observe to know the line of your partner's emotions. It is easy. If your heart is there you can. It is these changes that bring about our Nights and Days in relationships. Remember that the sun that brings Night and Day can be exemplified as our moods, feelings and vitality. Why not we watch out to know these changes in us or our partners, act on them and it would be fine.
The chief disposition in every good relationship is Care and Concern. When you care and are always concerned, you will readily know the changes and then you can easily find solutions.
Who doesn't get bored?
Who does change care about?
One thing we must always know is that we constantly crave change when we want more,when we are used to any particular thing... and
change is like a two-edged sword that can cut the owner that is not skillful with handling swords.
Yes you want change by wanting more. And more is the world where there are systems of things, balance and scare resources gives an opportunity cost or resource shift when more is attained. So when there is change there is an effect, as well as there is a cause - in line with the fact that time and things would not wait for you before they happen, they go on to happen.
We too are evolving. We are adapting to our new job, challenge, environment, task, role, age. We are changing. We also must know that these changes can affect us, make us or break us up.
In conclusion, Night and Day is constant in relationships like it is in life. There is always the good and the bad we can understand and use in our favor. It is most important to note that no season endures forever. Changes endure. There can be good after the night (being Positive). However, we can have things our way if we care and are concerned to see our changes in moods feelings, emotions, desires, and work towards having them help us than break us.
In life there are changes in the cloud for there to be either Night or Day, so in relationships, there are changes moods, feelings and then behavior for there to be the good and bad times of a relationship.
However, the times and changes serve us, like the Night rescues us from working all day and gives us rest. Care and be concerned. The changes that you mind in your relationship should make you a better person than the worst person. We always stand a chance for the better.
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